“THIS IS A BIDEN INVESTIGATION”: House Oversight Committee Announces Probes into Bidens

Joe Biden is being pursued by the GOP

Reps. James Comer, and Jim Jordan made allegations that President Biden was involved with overseas business dealings. They also announced new probes.

Comer confirms that “This is an investigation into Joe Biden.”

GOP lawmakers claim whistleblower testimony that the Bidens “flourished” and became millionaires simply by offering family access.

“Was Joe Biden involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals and was he complicit? Comer stated that this was the focus of his investigation.

See the video above.

From Fox News

Comer will be the new chair of the House Oversight Committee, and Jordan is expected soon to chair the Judiciary Committee.

Representatives claimed that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and others participated in “wasteful, fraudulent, and abusive” international business dealings.

Thursday’s report by contains their findings.

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