This is FEIN: An ailing Senator cedes power of attorney to her daughter, and STILL serves in Congress!

According to a New York Post report, California Senator Dianne Feinstein, 90, has ceded power of attorney to her daughter but will remain serving in Congress.

According to a New York Post article, California Senator Dianne F. Feinstein (90) has ceded her power of attorney to daughter, but will continue to serve in Congress.

Feinstein is under pressure to retire since she recovered from shingles. Even members of her party believe it would be best if she retired.

The New York Post

She has been frail since returning to Washington DC and has suffered a few public mental lapses.

The New York Times reported that on Thursday, Feinstein gave her daughter Katherine Feinstein (66) power of attorney in order to assist her with legal disputes relating to the estate of her late husband Richard Blum.

According to the newspaper, Katherine, Feinstein’s only daughter, has a dispute with Blum’s three daughters about the ownership of the luxury beach house that Feinstein owns.

The Times reported that the two families have a dispute over Blum’s life insurance. Feinstein says she needs it to pay for her rising medical expenses.

Feinstein, who had represented California for more than 30 years, declared earlier this year she would not run for reelection in the 2024 elections. Press reports have been leaked by several long-time colleagues that Feinstein’s mental acuity is significantly declining.

The former San Francisco Mayor was repeatedly prompted by a colleague last week to vote “aye” during a Senate Appropriations Committee Hearing on the Defense Appropriations Bill of $831.781 billion.

Sean Hannity, host of Thursday’s Hannity program, delved into Feinstein’s declining health. “Where is Dianne Feinstein’s family…saying ‘enough is enough?'” Hannity said.

Watch the video above. The New York Post has more information:

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