‘THIS IS INSANITY AND IT’S NOT OKAY’: Hannity Blasts Ballot Counting Chaos in AZ, CA, NV

During his opening monologue on Thursday night’s broadcast, Sean Hannity discussed how Arizona, California, Nevada and other states have still not completely counted their votes and how Alaska could take until Thanksgiving; “this is insanity and it’s not okay,” Hannity says, before reminding viewers that Florida counted all of its votes in 5 hours shortly after a hurricane.

“Think about what Marco Rubio said: 7.5 million ballots counted in less than 5 hours [in Florida],” Hannity says, blasting Nevada for taking until the weekend to count 50,000 ballots.

In Arizona, Hannity says more than 650,000 ballots haven’t been counted, with more than 400,000 being same-day, drop-off ballots, which tend to favor the GOP.

“It’s unfailr to every single candidate and every single voter…”.

Watch the clip above.

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