This movie demonstrates the nature of justice in a failed position.

When the state won’t guarantee order, a much rougher justice prevails. The post This Video Shows What Justice in a Failed State Looks Like appeared first on The American Conservative.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the video that has gone viral the most in the past week.


Two gentlemen from Stockton, California corrected a shoplifter. The news reports are thin, but repeated and close viewings of the video reveal that the gentlemen administer the correction with professionalism and precision. (No blows above their legs.) This suggests that it may not be the first time they have dealt danda Justice.

The American Conservative has a strong stance on property rights — three cheers for stickwallahs. The private defense of rights that are guaranteed by the state is also a sign failure. Since Homer it has been recognized that the state should administer justice, not private individuals. In countries like Mexico, private justice is a popular practice. Welcome to the future.

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