TikTok currently has 23 parts of It’s October 3 and Mean Girls.

In honor of the October 3 “Mean Girls” holiday, Paramount Plus has released the full movie on TikTok. The film starring Lindsay Lohan first hit theaters in 2004.

has long been a tradition for “Mean Girls'” fans to rewatch the 2004 classic comedy on TV and streaming services.

TikTok allows viewers to binge-scroll the entire film.

Paramount Pictures released the film on Tuesday, after opening its official “Mean Girls TikTok” account last month. The film is divided into 23 segments, including the end credits.

The TikTok release coincides with the promotion of the January 12th release in theaters of “Mean Girls: The Musical”.

The studio’s spokesperson did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

Many studios have started uploading TV and movie clips on TikTok as they recognize the importance of teasing their content.

In recent months, TikTok has become popularized by users who have uploaded full movies on the platform. They do this by cutting them into several minutes. Paramount is the very first major production house to capitalize on that trend.

Users began to tag their friends in the hours following the upload of the film and express their surprise.

One user wrote “OHMYGOD.”

Another person wrote: “This is INSANE.”

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