Top Jill Biden aide will leave the top job of running military family assistance program

A top aide to Jill Biden for a decade who oversaw the First Lady’s initiative to support military service members and their families, is stepping down.

WASHINGTON — Jill Biden’s top aide for a decade, who managed the first lady’s support of military service personnel and their families, will be retiring later in the month. NBC News reports.

Rory Brosius, who was the former Army Chief Of Staff Gen. George Casey’s wife, will take over as executive director of Joining Forces.

Brosius wrote in a message to her military colleagues, announcing her departure.

Michelle Obama (first lady) and Biden launched Joining Forces in 2011. It was a way to bring together the public and private sectors with military personnel, their families, veterans and their families, and also to provide support for them with education and employment resources.

Biden revived this initiative in 2021 when she was first lady. Brosius was appointed director.

Brosius stated that, while the mission was the same, they were capable of doubling efforts to support military families. This is because, while substantial government resources are available to veterans and service personnel, spouses and children of military personnel have special needs.

These needs are especially relevant at a time when America is not in active military conflict. President Joe Biden has removed any remaining U.S. military presence from Afghanistan in 2021.

“The difficulties that many military families and veteran families face are not caused by war. In the interview, Brosius stated that they are a result of military life. They are a function moving every two-three years. They are a function high operational tempo, regardless of whether we’re on direct combat missions or doing seven-month deployments on a vessel.

Jill Biden praised Brosius’ leadership of Joining Forces in a statement to NBC News. She said that Brosius had shown “Grace, Compassion and Determined Support for America’s Military and Veteran Families, Caregivers, and Survivors”

“Rory has done an exceptional job as Executive Director. She does the hard work that matters and has done an outstanding job. Joe and I are very grateful to her for all she has done over the past ten years.” she stated.

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