TRAINWRECK PAYS OFF: Fetterman Camp Brought up $1 Million Dollars in three or more Hours After Debate

This is true.

Despite Tuesday’s disastrous debate performance, both sides of the aisle conceded that John Fetterman’s campaign raised $1 million in just three hours after the televised disaster.

From The Daily Wire

Fetterman suffered a stroke days prior to the primary elections. He faltered and gave choppy answers as Oz, a veteran TV host, aggressively challenged him. As undecided Pennsylvania voters made final decisions, the two candidates engaged in heated exchanges over a range of topics, including abortion, crime, fracking, and inflation.

However, the Fetterman campaign claimed Wednesday that it raised $1 million after the debate. This is believed to be a sign of grassroots support for the former Braddock mayor. Brendan McPhillips, Fetterman campaign manager, stated in a statement that “it’s evident that the people in Pennsylvania have John’s support in this race.” “They showed tremendous support for John’s debate performance and gave it their all tonight. We are grateful and honored to have received such support as we head into the final two weeks of this race.

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