Trans Propaganda, Blue And Reddish

The image you see above was shared to Instagram by the photographer. This is, of course, a man. This is a parody of motherhood and the most intimate act that a mother can perform with her child. It is vile, and I would even say satanic. This is the world we live in today.


This stuff — always — comes from progressives and liberals as well as the Democratic Party. This filth is not supported by all Democrats or all liberals. However, most Democrats who support it are Democrats. It is almost impossible to see the Democratic Party oppose LGBT activists’ demands. Regular readers will know that I am a conservative but not a registered Republican. There are many problems I have with the Republican Party. Not least is the shameful (to GOP) fact that Chris Rufo and Matt Walsh have done more to combat this madness than the elected members of the Republican Party. The GOP’s sins here are omissions, whereas the Democrats’ sins are commissions.

This insanity is funneled around the globe through institutions controlled liberally, such media and universities, and populated with docile conservatives. It is impossible to escape it. Take a look at this recent event at a Nebraska university.

Here’s Kearney. It’s located in the middle of nowhere.


“Healthy masculinity”? Men walking in heels on campus. Notice how the Greeks co-sponsor this. These people know how to enter professional culture. They understand that it is important to show openness to these things.

This was a Nebraska reader who told me. (I have slightly edited it, in particular the they/them pronouns to protect his privacy and that of his child)

This is what I wanted to share with you. These are things you probably see every day. But, in case you need another reminder of the madness of our times, here it is.

My son is in his freshman year at University of Nebraska at Kearney. This campus is one of many within the University of Nebraska system. UNK was once one of the state’s “teachers colleges”, but it was absorbed into the UN system 30 years ago. Kearney (pronounced CARKNEE) was the original home for Fort Kearney. It was a point on the Oregon Trail that served as a staging area to the Pony Express and one of several stops along the Platte River valley road. It is home to approximately 30,000 Nebraskans, which is small by American standards but considered a “big city” in Nebraska. It is very rural and draws many kids from farms and ranches across Nebraska. There are approximately 4,500 undergraduates on the campus and 1,800 postgraduate students. Because the campus is mainly rural, our child chose it. They knew that they would be sharing many of the same values as their classmates from small-town Nebraska.

Our child returned home for fall break this weekend. She mentioned that Friday had seen a “Walk in Her Shoes” rally on campus. Several men were walking around campus in high heels. I thought it might have been a fundraiser or another anti-domestic violence effort. So I did some digging. Surprise! It turned out that it was organized. It was organized by the school’s “Office of Diversity and Inclusion”, and later supported by the Greek community. Yet, it was promoted as something that “promotes healthy masculinity.”

This last part is the most troubling to me. It is hard to believe that men can wear pumps, heels and high-heeled stiletto-heeled shoes. This makes a mockery of what it is to be a woman. Combat domestic violence and men beating women. Yes, I am fully on board. Fight for equal wages? Yes!

However, a pseudo-drag queen parade doesn’t make you healthy and is definitely not masculine. The gay and genderqueer community wants to show gay, bi- and trans men that they can also be “masculine.” Do they have to show misogynistic representations of what their culture thinks about women? This is the problem with the “Drag Queen Stories Time” — let’s make it big — let’s exaggerate all that we believe to be “feminine”, i.e. fake boobs and fake eyelashes, over-the top makeup and the thigh high leather boots. And then, we can slap women while still saying we support them. Talk about hatred for women!

When I ask my fellow culturally privileged friends what they would think if straight women organized a Walk in His Shoes rally and dressed up as deer hunters in camouflage garb, orange neon vests, and rifles, while also sporting cases of Busch Light and helmets. Then, I assume that this is how you show your masculine traits. What would we think if this behavior was promoted as “promoting healthy femininity?” We would be viewed as bat-shit crazy by the rest of the world.

All of this is simply to say that this garbage is occurring in Kearney, Nebraska. It might be expected from UC-Berkeley or the University of Colorado at Boulder (Mary Jane/joint capita of college USA), but it is happening in Kearney ?!?!?. It will also happen elsewhere in the country if it does.

Here’s a picture of UNK men in women’s shoes walking around campus. This is a demonstration that they can be good sheep once they enter corporate America. They are asked to sacrifice their dignity for some noble cause.

This kind of thing was considered benign in the past. As a fundraiser, my high school’s football team used to hold a drag event many years ago. The joke was that no one thought football players would want to wear drag or consider it a viable lifestyle choice. The contest was won by a man who moved in with a drag queen. He wasn’t doing it for fun, he was serious. People tolerated him because he was a bit of a clown. Everyone knew that he was a drag queen, but nobody else believed him. Schools weren’t encouraging young men to think that “healthy masculinity”, which could mean dressing up like women and embracing gender fluidity, meant that he didn’t take it seriously.

Times have changed. As the Nebraska reader, I support campus efforts to increase awareness and combat sexual violence. This can be done in a million different ways without requiring men to wear feminine attire. It’s not a problem in the 1990s or 2000s. But what about 2022? No. No, not no, but hell no. This is how Nebraska’s corn-fed youth are indoctrinated into genderfluidity. Thanks to Nebraska’s taxpayers who support Offices of Diversity and Inclusion on campus, You’re paying the enemy to win the hearts and minds your children. Don’t you get it? This isn’t just a Blue State thing.

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