Trevor Noah, host of ‘Daily Show”, slams Biden for shouting out a dead congresswoman: “No Joe. What are you doing?”

The shout-out to a dead congresswoman by President Joe Biden Wednesday left many in his White House audience and Democratic supporters shaking their heads. This fact was even more evident later that day when Trevor Noah, the Comedy Central host, mocked Biden for his latest mental slippage.

Noah took the opportunity to warn Biden about how “awkward” it was.

“After a difficult start to his presidency Joe Biden recently found his groove back,” Noah said, applauding past legislative wins and diplomatic victories. People are saying that Biden may have a good chance of winning a second term. He just needs to avoid doing things like this!

Noah then showed Noah the clip of Biden looking for Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-IN (who died in a car accident last month).

“Jackie! Are you here?” He asked, “Where’s Jackie?” He continued, “She mustn’t be here,” he said. Breitbart News reported the same time.

Watch below:

Joe, you are doing what? Noah lamented. “So awkward.”

Noah said that Biden’s explanation “didn’t help” and wondered if the president was really looking for Jackie Kennedy.

The White House’s response to Biden’s gaffe was just as confusing. They claimed it was “not unusual” for a president making public calls to a deceased person to get a reply.

Later in the day, Breitbart News reported White House press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre that Biden had Walorski at his “top of mind” during a press conference and that his attempt to find the dead congresswoman wasn’t “unusual.”

“You all saw, and you all watched. That’s why you’re asking this question. Jean-Pierre stated that he was calling out congressional leaders again. This is the best bipartisan leadership we have ever seen on this issue. “And again, she’s going to her family in just 2 days. And she was on top.

She used the defense 13 times:White House seconds of 1 minute, 10 secondsVolume 90%

Jean-Pierre said, “It isn’t an unusual situation there.”

One reporter responded, “Karine. I keep John Lennon top-of-mind every day but I’m still not looking for him.”

Jean-Pierre replied, “When you sign John Lennon’s bill as president, then we can have that conversation.”

The press secretary ignored subsequent questions from reporters, including one asking if Biden would make an apology to Walorski’s families.

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