Trump 2024: No

Trump is running for president in 2024. Trump’s favorite Kari lake lost the Arizona governor’s election the day after he made his announcement. That is a terrible thing. Is there voter fraud? Maybe. We can’t waste our time worrying about voter fraud in this close race. Kari Lake won’t be Arizona’s governor. The truth is that the Democrats will control the Senate. This means that they can cause a lot of harm (to the federal courts for example). If it weren’t for Trump’s influence and his flawed favored candidate choices, would the Republicans have done better? Undoubtedly. It’s not Trump’s fault, let’s be clear. The message was not received by the national Republicans. They believed, hell, I believed that they would win by not being Biden.

We can see the results.


I don’t like to argue about shoulda mighta coulda. But, we must sort this out so that the people on Right can come together to win elections and make a difference. I am sick and tired the Never Trumpers who are a death knell for conservatism. Trump was born because people got sick of the GOP establishment. But I’m sick and tired of Trump-haters who are more interested in their obsession with Trump and rolling in psychodrama, than in winning real elections or making real changes in the world.

It is scandalous that the GOP did as poorly in the midterms as it did during record inflation. Isn’t it time to get fed up with all the drama and the Left going from strength to strength. It was a frustrating revelation to me that Trump, a grifter, sat on a pile and didn’t use it to push Republican candidates to victory. He also used these candidates (Blake Masters and Herschel Walker), to raise additional money for himself.

If we don’t get rid of Trump, we will continue to lose. I am so worried about what the Democrats stand up to, I will vote for Trump 2024 if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. It’s not something I like, and Trump is the only possible GOP nominee Joe Biden could beat. MAGA people are often so ensconced in the bubble that they, much like left-wing activists can’t see how this all looks to those outside of the “church”. This is where Michael Brendan Dougherty has the right idea:


Ron DeSantis deserves the support he is getting in the post-midterm period. He has some Trump’s courage, but without Trump’s baggage. This also means that he knows how government works. Style is not the best. Here are some helpful information:

To the contrary, from Politico:

According to a new poll by POLITICO/Morning Consult, 47 percent of Republicans and Republican leaning independents said they would support Trump if the Republican presidential primaries were held today. 33% of respondents said they would support Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis. Other than Mike Pence (ex-Vice President), no other candidate received more than 5 percent.

The poll does not show Trump’s clear path forward as he prepares for his third White House bid since 2016. 65 percent of all voters surveyed said Trump should not run again (compared to 53 percent who said he should). While Trump’s standing is not significantly lower than pre-election (48% in the most current Morning Consult poll), DeSantis has been rising. In that poll, the Florida governor was at 26 per cent.

Marc Thiessen is a Trump supporter and pleads with him to not run again.

Trump’s record as president should make him one of the most conservative presidents of modern times. The Abraham Accords deserve a Nobel Prize. Operation Warp Speed is the most significant public health accomplishment in human history. Trump made America an energy superpower, and freed the Islamic State from its caliphate. Trump has an impeccable record of appointing conservative judges to the Supreme Court. These pages contain details of his achievements. I am not a never-Trumper.

Another presidential run will erase what little of this legacy is left. After the 2020 election, I wrote to him that he should continue his legal challenges, but that if they rejected them (which they did), that he should graciously admit, concentrate on the Senate majority in Georgia, oversee a smooth transition, and attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. He should then prepare to reclaim that presidency in four years. Instead, he accepted election denial and was surrounded by a clown cast of legal advisors who assured him that he could keep his office.

Trump’s refusal to accept the election results was a sign that he didn’t understand why he lost. Instead of growing his coalition by winning over Americans who hadn’t voted for him before, he alienated millions of Americans who supported his policies, but not his. A record 56 per cent of registered voters said that Trump had made them better off than they were four years ago. This remarkable figure comes amid the worst pandemic in history, the worst racial tension since the 1960s, and the worst economic crisis since 1929. However, 56 percent of Americans did not vote for Trump. If they had, he’d still be president. His conduct after the election only confirmed their judgement.

Voters made it clear last Tuesday that they still believe in their judgement. Despite all the chaos that President Biden has created, voters rejected Trump’s hand-picked candidates, his proxies on Tuesday and returned their Senate majority to Democrats. This should be a wakeup call for Trump. Trump cannot win the presidency by himself and his base.

Two things are wrong with the Republican Party: 1) Trump and 2) the visionless leadership at its top. We will likely see a Republican landslide removing Biden from office if DeSantis wins GOP nomination. Trump winning the GOP nomination will likely result in a Biden victory, more Democratic control over Washington, and a party that radicalizes even further. Trump was a good man for the GOP and the country during his time but he is a lost cause at the moment. While it is often a pleasure to watch lib tears flowing in response to Trump’s antics, the country cannot afford to continue to receive carnival-barker leadership by the Right. It is time to take the Republicans seriously again.

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