Trump claims that ‘illegal leaked’ information indicates that he will be detained Tuesday in N.Y.

Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that "illegal leaks" have indicated that he will be arrested Tuesday and called on supporters to protest.

Trump, the former president, said Saturday that illegal leaks had indicated that he would be arrested Tuesday. He called for protestors to demonstrate.

In posts on Truth Social, Trump referenced reports that Trump could face potential criminal charges in New York relating to a hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels, an adult film star.

Trump didn’t say whether he was informed by law enforcement about a forthcoming indictment.

NBC News reported Friday, that the law enforcement agencies are preparing for a possible Trump Indictment as soon as next week.

Trump, a Republican presidential candidate, denounced “illegal leaks”, which “indicate” that he would be arrested Tuesday.


Trump denied any wrongdoing, calling the investigation by Alvin Bragg’s Democratic Manhattan District Attorney’s office a continuation in the partisan “witch hunting” against him. Bragg, a Black man, has also been accused of being a racist.

Bragg’s office spokesperson declined to comment on Trump’s Truth Social posts.

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