TRUMP ON TOP: A New Poll shows that Trump has more votes than Biden in the current election

This is the New York Times survey we are referring to, here.

According to a new poll by Siena College and The New York Times, President Donald Trump would get more votes if the election was held today than President Joe Biden. Biden’s approval rating is now below 40%.

Fox News:

A poll of likely voters showed Biden’s approval rating falling below 40% for only the second time since August’s boost. From October 9-12, 792 registered voters were polled by Siena and NYT in English and Spanish using landlines and cellphones. The margin of error was 4%. The vast majority (64%) of Americans believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to the poll.

Trump narrowly defeated Biden in the election question. He received 45% support to Biden’s 44%. Trump won the poll despite 52% saying that they view him somewhat or very negatively.

“The NYT poll came just one day after an Fox News poll showed that only one-third (33%) of registered voters said they would vote for Biden again in 2024. Fox News reports that experts say the poll shows how desperate Democratic voters feel for a new presidential candidate.

“This rough measure shows that some Democrats hope for better candidates and Republicans are firmly determined against Biden,” said Chris Anderson, Democratic pollster who conducted the Fox News Poll together with Republican Daron Shaw. It clearly underestimates Biden’s support in an election climate against a Republican candidate, as most Democrats will continue to support their nominee, whatever that may be.

Read more at Fox News:

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