TRUMP REPONDS! Don blasts Biden in Prerecorded Rebuttal: ‘Here’s the Real Status of the Union’

Donald Trump is ready.

Donald Trump is available.

According to Just The News reports, Donald Trump,former president and 2024 candidate had his rebuttal of President Biden’s State of the Union address locked down and ready to be shared. Trump said in the two-minute video: “Here’s the true State of the Union.”

“In the two years since Biden took office, millions and even millions of illegal aliens, from 160 countries, have stormed our southern border.

“Drug cartels are making billions from smuggling poison to murder our people and our children.

From Just The News

Trump spoke out about urban crime, which hit record levels at the height of the pandemic and is still higher than pre-pandemic levels in some cities. The murder rate in America has reached its highest level ever under Biden.

Trump is not a mere critic. He has already declared his bid for the 2024 GOP presidential nominating party’s nomination. Biden is considering a second term as well as a rematch in Trump’s 2020 race.

He stated, “I am running for president [to] end] the destruction of this country and to complete unfinished business of making America great once again.” “We will make America great again and make it better than ever.”

Trump also blamed “radical Democrats” for the country’s economic woes. He said they had “wasted trillions and caused the worst inflation in half a century”.

He said that real wages have fallen 21 months consecutively amid the argument of massive spending bills passed by the Democrats-controlled House and Senate, which he claimed overheated the economy through too many cash inflows.

Trump, along with other Republicans, also accused Biden of having “weaponized the Justice Department to persecute his political enemies.”

He said that he was a victim of it, likely referring to the FBI raid on his Florida property this summer in search of classified documents.

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