Trump: ‘SO BAD! SO EVIL’ Trump says the ‘corrupt’ DOJ is protecting the Biden family [WATCH]

During Thursday night’s Hannity town hall event in Clive, Iowa with former President and 2024 candidate Donald Trump, host Sean Hannity asked Trump about America’s two-tiered justice system.

Sean Hannity, the host of Thursday’s Hannity Town Hall event in Clive with Donald Trump, former president and candidate for 2024, asked Trump about America’s two-tiered legal system.

Trump claims that the DOJ is protecting the Bidens; “It’s an unfair, one-sided system but they are protected.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell was cited by the former president as an example.

Trump stated during the Thursday town hall that “when you look at all this criminality, like the laptop has such a lot of stuff on it,” he said. It’s terrible. “It’s so bad, but they won’t do anything.”

Trump stated, “If they had read the laptop and it was theirs, then the proceedings should have been stopped, as I was correct.” It is a double system of government.

Trump said: “You cannot have law and orders in a nation where there is such corruption.”

View the video above.

Watchdog group Marco Polo released 10,000 new images of the laptop this week. Servers crashed almost instantly as Americans flooded the site in order to examine the sordid affairs of the First Son.

Fox News:

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