Trump, Tuberville and supporters in Alabama avoid military campaign siege.

Donald Trump took the stage with GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville in Alabama Friday, as the Pentagon deals with Tuberville’s months-long hold on military promotions.

MONTGOMERY (Ala.) — Former President Donald Trump and GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville took to the stage in Alabama, where Tuberville is from, for a Friday campaign event, while the Pentagon dealt with the effects of Tuberville’s long-term hold on military promotion.

Trump has not commented on the matter, and neither Tuberville or the supporters present at the event seemed to be concerned by the military hold. Tuberville did not mention it once during her introduction of the former President, and neither did Trump in his 40-minute speech.

Even Republican voters who did not agree with Tuberville’s blockade at the Alabama GOP Summer Dinner were more concerned about party loyalty than Tuberville’s maneuver which currently delays over 300 military promotions. For the first time ever in American history, the Army and Marine Corps are currently without leaders who have been confirmed.

“If he supports President Trump, then I support him.” Brandt Wiggins is a Junior at the University of Alabama. He said, “I might disagree with other legislation that he has.” “If he is backing Trump and Trump is backing him, Trump has to have loyalists.”

CNN reported that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin gave guidance to the Pentagon for the first-time Friday regarding a reshuffle in leadership roles due to Tuberville’s maneuver.

The Alabama Senator’s month-long hold of military nominations has been tied to his attempts to get the Pentagon drop its abortion travel policies, which provide paid leave to female service members seeking reproductive health services. The campaign raises concerns about military readiness, and could leave some families in the dark about what to do next.

Tuberville has been criticized by lawmakers of both parties, but he shows no signs of giving up. He said that he will not release his hold until the Senate votes on the Pentagon’s policy.

Trump is silent on Tuberville’s military hold, but other GOP candidates, such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has recently expressed support of the blockade.

DeSantis stated that “they are funding abortion tourism which is not appropriate for the military.” “I think that our Republicans should take a stance on this.” The [Pentagon] must stand down.”

Trump endorsed Tuberville against Jeff Sessions, his former Attorney General. Since then, they have been staunch supporters of each other.

Trump won all six of the endorsements of the Alabama Republican congressional delegation on Friday.

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