‘TRY AND MILK A FLUFF! ‘ Watch Kari Pond TORCH Katie Hobbs about Gender Ideology Stance

Arizona GOP gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake shot at Katie Hobbs, her Democratic opponent — who refuses to debate-during a campaign event.

Lake stated that Katie Hobbs believes there are 47 distinct genders to a crowd in Morristown AZ. “I will tell you what, I am not a biology major, but there are two genders: guys. Two.”

To loud cheering, the Republican stated, “Since you’re here at rodeo — Katie,” and added, “Why don’t you try to milk bulls and tell me how it goes.” “Maybe we could give her a common sense-county education about the differences between the genders. Send her out to milk a bull.

See the video above.

Lake was a guest at a special Hannity town-hall event Monday night. She received more criticisms from her opponent.

Lake said that she is an open-borders globalist. “She wants Arizona to do what Newsom did for California, which was to destroy that state. That’s why I believe we have a movement. People know that if we elect Katie Hobbs, California 2.0 will be created. Nobody wants that.

Lake said that Hobbs administrations are often most worried about by ex-Californians.

“[They] have grabbed me at these events, and they go, Don’t let Arizona go. We moved our family, our children and our business. “We don’t want Arizona turning into California.”

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