TSA: Virginia man stops at airport with knife “artfully concealed” in laptop: TSA

A TSA agent spotted a knife that was "artfully concealed" inside a man's laptop while passing through security in Richmond, Virginia, the agency said.

The TSA reported this week that a TSA agent saw a double-bladed knife hidden in the laptop of a Virginia man.

TSA agents initially saw the knife in the man’s carry-on bag at Richmond International Airport. However, after looking through his belongings, the agent couldn’t locate the weapon. The bag was then placed one-by-one through the machine, which indicated that the knife was inside his computer.

The laptop contained a black double-edged knife. (TSA)

TSA photos show a black knife taped inside the disassembled notebook.


Initial statements by the man to TSA that he didn’t know where the knife was were false, but he later acknowledged it to be his, according the agency.

Robin Burke, TSA’s federal security chief for the airport, stated in a statement that “This was an outstanding job by our officers to identify the threat and then work with the Capital Region Airport Commission Police in order to obtain the tools necessary to disassemble it to reveal the knife.”

TSA agents disassembled the laptop to find the hidden knife. src=”https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2022/11/640/320/Screen-Shot-2022-11-17-at-1.29.02-PM.png?ve=1&tl=1″/>

TSA agents found the hidden knife after disassembling the laptop. (TSA)

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A spokesperson for the TSA stated that the traveler would face a civil penalty. Fines for carrying a knife through security range between $390 and $2,250

The agency did not release his identity.

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