Tucker Carlson and The Forbidden Tapes

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Tucker Carlson published Monday the first part his investigation into the 40,000 hours of security video from the U.S. Capitol beginning January 6, 2021. Carlson’s video footage was shown to his large audience every night, proving that the uniparty narrative about January 6 was a huge hoax.

“Democrats in congress, assisted Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney lied about the events of that day. They lie. This is conclusive and should stop them ever being taken seriously again,” Carlson stated Monday night.


Carlson is a natural writer. It’s not hard to see why his nightly show consistently tops the ratings. On Monday, however, Carlson’s footage spoke more than Carlson could ever say.

Carlson first played additional footage of Jan 6 protestors milling around the Capitol, often alongside Capitol security personnel and Capitol police officers. Certain demonstrators were the first to break windows and force open the capitol door. The hundreds of others who followed seemed to be unaware of the damage done and were nonviolent. They were simply allowed in by police. They are often seen cleaning up the mess left by others. Others sat at tables and read literature in the halls. Many followed the stanchions that were often found on the Capitol grounds and in the capitol rotunda. Jacob Chansley, also known as the QAnon-Shaman, was then the focus. Capitol police officers guided Chansley around the Capitol on their own initiative and made close contacts with many other officers. Even though Chansley was outnumbered nine to one by police, the officers did not attempt to arrest or expel Chansley. Later, Chansley would pray on the Senate floor to thank the officers.

Noah Rothman, over at National Review writes that there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this.

This is not the only example of outnumbered police officers engaging with demonstrators or clearing the path for or corralling intruders within the Capitol complex or retreating on more defensible terrain. This particular act of deference from Capitol Police officers is not remarkable.

If January 6 was, as the media and the Select Committee claim it to be–a violent rebellion meant to stop the peaceful transfer power and take over the federal government under the name of Donald Trump–is this a scenario where Capitol Police should not only remain neutral but also guide the January 6 participants around Capitol? It is not. The officers on the ground did not perceive the protestors entering the Capitol as an attack on American democracy. This is evident from their actions. I’m wrong, but if the officers understood this as an attempt against the U.S. government then the Capitol Police Department would need to be destroyed. Their cowardice would make Kabul’s defense by Afghan security forces look like The Battle of Thermopylae.


The second installment dealt with Brian Sicknick’s death. It debunked the claim that Sicknick was killed by a blow to his head caused by a fire extinguisher used by a January 6 protestor. The New York Times first published the story about Sicknick’s alleged death. The Times was eventually forced to edit continue their coverage of Sicknick’s death. The narrative was already established. Many in the uniparty claim that Sicknick’s death was caused by January 6 protestors and, more specifically, former President Donald Trump. Tucker Carlson Tonight has video footage that shows Sicknick in a helmet as he walks through the capitol, supposedly after his murder by January 6 protestors. The January 6 Committee, which had access to the same footage Carlson screened Monday night, knew that Sicknick was lying about the circumstances.

Carlson later delved into one of the most important questions about January 6, namely Ray Epps’ involvement. Officials have confirmed that federal agents were present at the Capitol on January 6. However, the Fox News program could not determine how many and what their involvement was during the day. The story about Epps is still unusual. Epps was seen in footage from January 6th and the day before whipping up protestors, urging them to not only march to the Capitol but to also go inside. Epps was not indicted, unlike hundreds of others who were present at the Capitol on January 6. Epps claimed that he hadn’t committed any crime since he was not allowed to enter the Capitol. The January 6 Committee finally gave in to public pressure and interviewed him. Epps claimed that he “orchestrated” January 6, but this was in text messages. Epps claimed that Epps sent that text after Epps had left Capitol Complex and was heading back to his hotel. However, time stamp surveillance footage revealed that Epps arrived half an hour later than he sent the text. This was right at the frontlines of the demonstration. Carlson noted that the Democrats had access to the tape but defended Ray Epps. This would be an honest investigation.

“But the purpose of the January 6 Committee wasn’t to investigate anything. It was to create a T.V. Carlson stated that the point was to stage a made-for-T.V.

It is not surprising that the uniparty, as reflected in the members of the January 6 Select Committee, worked hard to keep these tapes secret from the public.

The media was also involved. The corporate media believed they had found the solution to end Trump’s political career with the January 6 events. The facts were ignored by the narrative.

Similar to the Russia hoax claims about January 6 slowly leaked out. They were then bent and twisted into the preexisting narrative. Each proclaimed development provided another rush of schadenfreude-induced serotonin for the media. They exclaimed exaggeratedly, “The walls are finally closing around Trump.”

Following the crackdown on January 6, participants, the Biden administration provided steady coverage. The media remained silent when it became known that many January 6 participants were being held in deplorable pretrial detention conditions, conditions that the Biden administration considered to be appropriate for the deplorables found in these jail cells. The narrative would be distorted if transparency and accountability were called for.

The January 6 Committee and its findings could also be scrutinized. Media bought the line of Democrats and the January 6 Committee, that January 6 security footage had to be kept secret from the media and public due to unspecified security concerns.

The media were only able to rediscover their journalistic integrity when Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, handed the security footage over to Tucker Carlson with oversight from Capitol Police. Simply showing the public the unedited tape constituted disinformation–don’t believe your lying eyes.

McCarthy giving Carlson security footage was not the reason media were outraged. They knew Carlson could not be controlled by the regime, and that this would expose the media’s complicity with yet another hoax on the American people. Carlson reminded viewers Monday that the January 6 Committee brought in professional producers including James Goldston (a producer for ABC’s Good Morning America) to make the production as provocative as possible. Scenes such as the famous clip of Josh Hawley running away from the mob that he allegedly supported were deliberately edited. To dramatize the footage, the committee and its media producers added audio from rambunctious people.

The January 6 Committee’s final report made a number of highly exaggerated and already proven false claims about Trump’s involvement. The committee claimed that they had discovered a plot for Trump to overturn the 2020 election. Some of his co-conspirators were Republican House members.

According to the January 6 Committee report, Rep. Barry Loudermilk (a Republican from Georgia) gave January 6 demonstrators a tour at the Capitol on January 5, in order to case the joint. The alleged tour to the Capitol was nothing but a regular tour that Rep. Loudermilk gave to a group from his constituency–the type offered by all Congressional offices. Loudermilk did not even take the group to the Capitol building. Instead, they visited an adjacent Capitol office building.

“If there is one thing we learned from the three-week-long review of the footage, it is that the January 6- Committee lied. Its members lie, and as a consequence, core civil liberties were eroded in this country, people went into prison, they’re currently unjustly in prison,” Carlson stated Monday night. “Those lies had consequences.”

Carlson continues:

It is important to ask: What happened to the January 6 Committee members? These are the liars that hurt people and the nation. Let’s look at it: Adam Schiff is running to be the Senate candidate, Adam Kinzinger got an interview at CNN, and Liz Cheney ended up being a professor at University of Virginia–the prestigious University of Virginia. They are all still there.

Indeed. Individuals such as Kinzinger or Cheney have been touring the country lecturing about truth and principles since the end of the committee’s work. This despite their shameful disregard for both. The depth of their deceit will continue to unfold tonight as Carlson airs part two.

Remember how this lie destroyed many lives–they drove some of the January 6 participants to suicide. This is a huge lie that Cheney’s father may blush at the thought. It all depends on how his ticker is performing that day. Although her father was not held responsible for his lies, Cheney and the other members of the January 6 Committee as well as the media must be held accountable.

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