Tulsa girl sobs at police after allegedly stabbing brother, nine years old during a ‘demonic fit of rage’

A 12-year-old girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was seen crying and pleading that she was sorry to arresting police officer after allegedly stabbing her nine-year-old brother to death.

According to newly released bodycam video, a 12-year-old Tulsa girl, who is accused of stabbing her younger brother in January, was seen pleading to police officers at the time of her arrest.

The unidentified girl can be heard saying, “I didn’t expect things to turn out like this… I will spend the rest my life in jail,” in the video obtained by Law & Crime.

I’m sorry! “I’m sorry!” The girl continued. “I don’t even know what happened.”

The video was recorded around midnight on January 5, as the Tulsa Police Department arrived at a house in the St. Thomas Square area. Law & Crime identified the 12-year-old girl as Zanderlyda.


There are stab wounds. The girl’s mother told her, “In the chest”, as identified by the outlet. You better pray that God will f —– live.

According to the video, the girl apologized. I don’t even know what happened. “It’s demonic s—!”

The boy was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries around 2:30 am.

A young girl admits to an officer she stabbed a sleeping brother, ran into her bedroom and threw a knife from the window. She was shown in the video leading the officer to the spot where she threw the knife.


Tulsa Police Department cruiser. (Tulsa Police Department)

The girl continued, “I’m sorry.” “I don’t know what happened. I don’t even know what happened. “I don’t know what has happened.”

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She also told the officer who arrested her that she had cuts on her arms. The cop checked them during her arrest. She did not explain in the video how she stabbed her younger brother. Her mother expressed her shock at the police about the events that led to the stabbing.

According to the Law & Crime Video, the mother told the police that she couldn’t understand her anger towards him. “Especially before bedtime.”

Tulsa skyline at sunrise.

In the past, family friends told local media that there was no sign that the 12-year old would harm her brother.

Fox News Digital asked the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office for comment about the case, but they did not respond immediately.

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