Two Florida police officers were reportedly killed in a traffic stop.

A suspect who allegedly shot two Florida police officers during a traffic stop is dead, according to police.

Police have confirmed that a suspect who is accused of shooting two Florida police officers at a traffic stop has died.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith told a Saturday morning news conference that officers from the Orlando Police Department had stopped a vehicle at 11 pm on Friday night because it was wanted for a Miami homicide.

Police identified the suspect as Daton Much, 28 years old. He shot both police officers, before stealing another car and fleeing. A pursuit ensued.

Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith speaks at a press conference, on Aug. 5, 2023.

Orlando Police Department via Facebook

Smith reported that authorities eventually located Viel at the Holiday Inn on Caravan Court in the 5900-block. The police evacuated the Holiday Inn and tried to free Viel from his barricaded room.

Smith said that at around 8:58 am, Viel fired multiple shots at SWAT officers, who then returned fire and killed the suspect.

Smith stated that Viel was “a violent criminal with a long history”, and he had a “large criminal record”. The second suspect in the shooting was ruled out.

The police are not searching for any more suspects.

Unidentified officers are expected to recover fully.

Smith said: “This is a tragic event for our department every time we have officers killed. These officers are here protecting our community everyday.” “They risk their lives every day to keep us safe, so for someone to do this because they don’t wish to return to prison is absurd and we won’t tolerate it,” Smith said.

Police said that the investigation continues.

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