TWO-MONTH TRUSS! Bombshell in Britain: After 44 days, the UK Prime Minister resigns!

Liz Truss, the UK Prime Minister, has resigned after less than two years in office.

Fox News reports that Truss was under pressure after a reverse of economic policies that caused economic instability. Truss stated earlier this week that she was a fighter, not a quitter — but now she wants to resign.

Truss stated, “Given my current situation, I can’t deliver the mandate upon which I was elected to the Conservative Party.” I have spoken to His Majesty to inform him that I am resigning my position as leader of Conservative Party.

From Fox News

Truss stated that a leadership vote will be held “within the week” and that she will remain as prime minister “until another successor is chosen.”

Truss’s announcement was made shortly after Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, resigned in a letter which slammed Prime Minister David Cameron.

Braverman stated that “The business of government depends upon people taking responsibility for their errors.” “Pretending that we haven’t made mistakes and continuing to act as if no one can see that we have, and then hoping that everything will miraculously turn out well is not serious politics.

Braverman, a member of the Conservative Party’s right-wing, ran for the office of party leader in the spring. He was defeated by Truss.

Braverman’s departure came just days after Truss fired Treasury chief Kwasi Kwarteng in financial turmoil that saw the British Pound losing value and being almost equal to the U.S. Dollar. After Truss’s September tax cut plan was rejected by Truss’s government, Kwarteng’s replacement Jeremy Hunt rescinded it in October.

On Wednesday, Truss apologized before lawmakers and acknowledged that she made mistakes during her time in office — only six weeks so far. However, she insisted that scrapping tax cut plan was “the right decision for the country’s financial stability.”

Watch Truss’ announcement above.

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