Two people were injured and one was killed in Colorado avalanche

A Colorado skier has been killed and two other people were injured after getting caught in a massive backcountry avalanche in western Colorado.

MARBLE (Colo.) — Two people were hurt and a Colorado skier was killed in an avalanche that ripped through the Colorado backcountry.

Authorities said that the body of Joel Shute (36), Glenwood Springs, was found Saturday afternoon.

Shute was reported missing on Friday evening. He was found dead in an avalanche at 2,400 feet below a mountainside, where he was backcountry touring southwest from Marble. Authorities said that Shute was not expected to be found until Saturday morning.

The upper Rapid Creek area southwest of Marble, near Chair Mountain, in Colorado.

Colorado Avalanche Information Center

According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, the avalanche reached up to 500 feet in width and was approximately two to three feet deep at its origin. The center stated that rescue teams discovered the victim’s body in avalanche debris about four feet below the surface.

Shute saved a snowboarder and skier who were together. To get help, the snowboarder hiked to the top and rescue teams flew him away by helicopter. According to Gunnison County Sheriff’s office, both were taken to the hospital.

Avalanche risk has increased with recent storms.

This winter, 18 people have been killed in the U.S. from avalanches. Last winter, 37 people were killed by avalanches. This was the highest number of deaths recorded by the avalanche centre in its records dating back to 1950.

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