Two teens arrested for Alabama Sweet 16 shooting which killed four and injured 32

Two teenagers were arrested in connection with a shooting that left four people dead and 32 injured at a weekend Sweet 16, authorities said Wednesday.

DADEVILLE (Ala.) — Authorities said that two teenagers have been arrested in connection with an incident at a Sweet 16 weekend party which left four dead and 32 others injured.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Sgt. Jeremy Burkett told reporters.

Police said that gunfire broke out at 10:34 pm Saturday in a Dadeville dance studio where family and friends were celebrating a 16 year old girl’s birthday.

According to Keenan Cooper of the party DJ, multiple attackers fired shots about an hour after a person with a firearm was banned from the celebration.

Police identified the four victims as Shaunkivia, 17, Marsiah, 19, Corbin, 23, and Philstavious Dowdell. Dadeville lies about 25 miles north of Auburn University.

Mourners attend a vigil at the First Baptist Church of Dadeville following a mass shooting at the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio.

Megan Varner / Getty Images

The Dadeville shooting is the latest in a series of mass shootings that has plagued the United States.

  • Police said that four people were fatally wounded in Bowdoin Ma on a Tuesday.
  • Last week, five people were murdered at a Louisville Bank before police shot and killed the gunman Connor Sturgeon. Sturgeon was a 25-year old employee of that bank.
  • Audrey Hale , , a former student of a private Christian School in Nashville returned to the campus on , March 27, and killed three children, a substitute, a caretaker and the headmistress.

Jamie Morrison reported on Dadeville and David K. Li on New York City.

This story is in progress. Please check back often for updates.

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