Two train derailments still being cleaned up in Minnesota and North Dakota

Two trains derailed in Minnesota and North Dakota earlier in the week, and crews are still working to clean up the damages. No toxic chemicals spilled in the crash.

Two Canadian Pacific Kansas City train derailments in Minnesota and North Dakota this week are still being cleaned up by crews.

In the northwest corner near the Canadian border, several hazardous materials cars were included in the 24 cars that fell in the Minnesota Derailment on Wednesday. In the North Dakota derailment that occurred near Balfour on Tuesday afternoon, several cars carrying containers containing hazardous materials like lithium batteries were knocked off of the tracks. No toxic chemicals were spilled, and there were no reported injuries in either derailment.

The railroad spokeswoman said that the hazardous materials experts of Canadian Pacific Kansas City were working with first responders to clean up the mess. It was not immediately clear when the highways and train tracks in the area would reopen.


After crews removed the cars that had been derailed, tracks in North Dakota were reopened on Wednesday morning.

Sign outside Canadian Pacific Railway’s rail yard in Alberta (Canada) on March 22, 2021. Two Canadian Pacific train derailed earlier this week in Minnesota and North Dakota. ( Alex Ramadan/Bloomberg through Getty Images).

The cause of the two derailments is still being investigated.

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After several recent train derailments and a fire-breathing wreck in February near East Palestine, Ohio, railroad safety is a national concern. Congress is considering new safety standards for freight railroads that have already made some changes to their operations. Federal regulators also encouraged railroads to take extra precautions in order to prevent derailments.

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