UNC Campus on lockdown while police search for an armed and dangerous individual

Authorities at the University of North Carolina on Monday issued a shelter-in-place order on campus and alerted the community of a person of interest in an "armed and dangerous person situation."

The University of North Carolina issued a shelter in place order on Monday and warned the community of an “armed and dangerous” person.

After 1 p.m. ET, the university alerted its students to an dangerous and armed person near or on campus.

The university sent out an alert at 2:24 pm to stay in a safe place as a suspect is on the loose. A large police presence was visible in footage taken on campus.

Campus police warned that a photo was released at 2:35 pm of a person who is of interest. “If you happen to see this person keep your distance. Put your safety first, and call 911.”

At 3:14 pm, the school announced that Monday’s classes and events would be cancelled.

Aug. 28, 202301:47

North Carolina Gov. In a Statement, Roy Cooper stated that “officials are taking precautions in order to protect campus security following today’s incident.”

Cooper stated that “this is a terrible way to begin a new academic year and the state will offer any support necessary to the UNC community.”

The Governor also stated that he had pledged to “all resources necessary for the state in order to capture the shooter, and protect the UNC Campus.”

On Monday afternoon, no one from the university could be reached for further comment.

This story is in progress. Please check back often for updates.

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