UNC-Chapel Hill graduate charged with murder after fatal shooting of faculty member

A graduate student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill was booked Tuesday on a first-degree murder charge in the shooting death of a faculty member.

A graduate student from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was arrested on Tuesday for first-degree murder in the shooting of a faculty.

Tailei Qi was arrested on Monday, about an hour after the shootings at UNC. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was holding him in Hillsborough.

The victim was described as an academic faculty member. Public identification of the victim is pending notification to family. There were no other reported injuries.

Authorities said that although a gun had not been recovered immediately, they would interview the suspect to determine his motive.

UNC Police Chief Brian James stated Monday that “we certainly want to have the opportunity to speak with the suspect.” “Having the suspect in our custody allows us to determine the why.” Even the how helps us uncover a motive, as well as… just what happened today.

This is an urgent news item. Please check back often for updates.

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