UNC-Chapel Hill murder suspect: Tailei Qi

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student Tailei Qi was named as a suspect in connection with a shooting on campus Monday. The shooting prompted a lockdown on the first day of classes.

Tailei Qi is a graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has been charged in first-degree murder for an incident that occurred on Monday at the campus.

Around 1 p.m., the shooting that killed an unidentified member of faculty prompted a lockdown in UNC Chapel Hill school buildings. Students were beginning their first week at classes.

Kevin Guskiewicz, UNC’s Chancellor, said at a Monday press conference: “This loss was devastating and this shooting damaged the trust and security that we take for granted on our campus.” “We will rebuild this sense of safety and trust.”

The authorities have not stated if the professor was targeted specifically and they have not disclosed a motive for the murder. There were no other reported injuries. According to UNC’s website, Qi was a PhD student at the Department of Applied Physical Sciences.


UNC Chapel Hill graduate student Tailei Qi was charged with first degree murder following a shooting that occurred on campus on Monday.

Authorities reported that shots were fired at Caudill Laboratories, located on the campus. Qi was arrested by police at 2:31 pm.

In posts on Qi’s social media accounts, he complained about his hard work and sought out “new friends”.

(UNC Police).

In a tweet from July, he said: “[W]ould love to make new friends.” I am a second year PhD student interested in nanoparticles synthesis, optical capturing, self-assembly and spectral analysis. [A] little stupid with daily trivia, but very passionate about research.


In a post from June, he lamented “many counterintuitive situations” in society. He stated that “minimum wages do more harm than good to the poor and gender quotas are not meant to protect women but rather to increase discrimination.”

Tailei Qi said in a post from July that she “would like to meet some new friends.” I am a second year PhD student. My interests include nanoparticle synthesis and optical trapping. Also, my research involves spectral analysis, self-assembly and ML. [A] little stupid with daily trivia, but very passionate about research. ” (Twitter)

He wrote in May: “For a PhD student, to pay so much attention to the amount of time you spend working every day is childish…I understand that many people would like me to show how hard I work, but no…that’s not human.”

He posted last year that he felt more “tired” and was walking less each day.


He said, “I work too much to convince myself I do it for my own interests and not to prove to others that I am working.” In a bizarre tweet from the past, he complained that “people” said he was “lazy” and “that to prove me working [sic].”

On Monday, August 28, 2023, two police officers walk around a building at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill (North Carolina) after receiving a report of a “armed and dangerous” person on campus.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Qi attended Wuhan University before attending Louisiana State University. He received his Master’s Degree in Science and then headed to Chapel Hill to attend the oldest state university of the United States.


A student who spoke to Fox News Digital under the condition of anonymity on Monday told the outlet that he had run outside of a large lecture room after receiving an alert regarding a dangerous and armed person on campus. He “saw people running towards the Genome Science Building” when he saw them.

TaileiQi attended Wuhan University before attending Louisiana State University. He received his master’s degree in sciences at Louisiana State University and then went to Chapel Hill to study at the oldest state university of America.

I decided to turn the corner to investigate and see what was happening. Then I saw the cops reload their AR-15s. “I heard one loud bang, but nothing else,” said the student. I stayed in the area, and saw people leaving the chemistry lab.

The student also added, “the general feeling around campus can be described in a single word as disturbed.”

Aiden Scott told WRAL News, a former classmate and UNC graduate student, that Qi “seemed to be very nice.”

Police respond to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus on Monday, August 28, 2023 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina after the University had locked down the campus and issued a warning about an armed individual on campus. (AP Photo/Hannah Schoenbaum).

Scott said, “I never would have guessed that this person could be so capable.” “He was very quiet.”

Every time he spoke to me, it seemed like he was very nice. “I was shocked when I saw his picture in the online reports.”

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“One of his friends worked in the chemistry laboratory with him.” He said that he had graduated the previous year, and so was not present. “Overall, this was a very unexpected event. I was always aware of the news, but never imagined that something like this would actually happen. Campus is very saddened by current events. On campus, there were petitions to ban UNC Police officers. Even having days without police. This is all very disturbing. “In situations like these, we need the police more than ever.”

Chapel Hill sent out an “all-clear” alert shortly after 4:30 pm. Classes were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday.

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