US Military Goes To The Dogs

Celebrate Pup Pride with the Armed Forces! Gay officers pretend to be canines for sadomasochistic sex games The post US Military Going To The Dogs appeared first on The American Conservative.

What is the matter with the US military’s culture? An anonymous Army officer, a colonel, posted photos of himself and his lover last week to Twitter. — retired and posted images to Twitter of him and his male lover, an Army officer, who were wearing leather dog masks. They are gay kinksters that enjoy sadomasochistic “pupplay”

He has been exposed. The person who posted it got his name wrong. It’s “Connelly”, not “Donnelly”.


Click that tweet to read the lengthy thread with many images. Men’s Health has a detailed article on the subject of “pup play”. It’s for gay men who pretend to be dogs and have sex with one another while pretending they are canines. It’s all very sane.

I swear, I don’t understand how the military can tolerate this kind of perversion within its ranks. To me, character was important. Is it possible that the military knew what these people were up to? What about the other uniformed men who do this? How many men of normal intelligence would be willing to serve in a military that allows perversities like these to flourish and are allowed to continue their lives? Do they also mean Pup Pride when our New Woke Military proclaims Pride? Why not? Is there a limit to what the military can tolerate in this filthy environment?

But seriously, what happened to respect? What happened to respect? What happened to honor? This country is in such trouble.

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