Victorious House Republicans outline plans to investigate Biden

House Republicans discussed plans to investigate President Joe Biden, and those around him, hours after they had been projected to retake majority on Wednesday.

Fox News’ Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (who is likely to become the next House Speaker) discussed a variety of possible investigations. These could include Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and immigration entering the country at the border. Minutes later, Reps. Jim Jordan and James Comer discussed plans to investigate the politicization of federal law enforcement and Hunter Biden’s business affairs.

Comer stated, in reference to a Republican press conference scheduled for Thursday on the president’s business dealings.

Since Biden’s first presidency, House Republican members have threatened investigations into Biden and certain aspects of his administration. They will be able to set the agenda for both the House and its committees, but only after they take control of the House majority on Wednesday.

McCarthy was asked about possible Republican investigations. He spoke of the Covid-19 virus’ origins, the withdrawal by the Biden administration from Afghanistan, the performance of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and whether terrorists could have crossed the border.

“What are they planning? What are they talking about and why aren’t they there? McCarthy spoke out about possible investigations into undocumented immigrants.

The House will be dominated by Republicans. His vote margins to execute his plans will be smaller than many observers predicted before the midterm elections.

McCarthy stated to Sean Hannity, “We must work together or we will lose as individuals.” “And I believe that this conference will unite.”

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