Video: A Las Vegas man slashes an officer of the law before being shot.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released footage they say shows an officer being slashed with a knife while trying to make an arrest in a domestic disturbance case.

The police in Las Vegas released a dramatic video of the moment a officer fired at a suspect, who they claim slashed the face of his partner with a knife.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sherriff Sasha Larkin, the officer-involved shooting that killed Sandra Lopez-Ochoa took place last Friday. It was the fifth such incident this year.

Larkin stated that Officer Rudy Sacba was sent with his partner to an apartment complex at 1 am after a caller “claimed his sister had beaten him.” Lopez-Ochoa (25), also called the police minutes later to report “domestic disorder.”

Larkin, the police officer who arrived at the scene, said that after speaking to Lopez-Ochoa’s brother, they had probable cause to arrest him for domestic strangulation.


Police say Sandra Lopez-Ochoa stabbed a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officer on Friday, August 25. She was then shot.

According to the police, they then entered an apartment and found her sitting in a living-room on a couch.

Larkin stated that when Sacba’s partner grabbed Lopez Ochoa’s arm to handcuff, Lopez Ochoa reached down and grabbed a blade, slashing the officer on the top of his forehead.

Sacba is a 32-year old officer with the LVMPD who joined in 2021. He then pulled out his Glock 17, 9mm, and fired five shots, hitting Lopez-Ochoa.

First responders declared the suspect dead on the scene , while the officer had to be taken to a hospital in the area for treatment prior discharge.

The officer, who suffered a “more-than-superficial” wound, is recovering at home with his family.

The footage released by LVMPD starts with Lopez-Ochoa seated on a couch saying “um, can I tell my part?”

“Yeah. The officer replies, “That’s what I wanted to ask you about.”

She replies, “Oh, okay.”



The police found a knife in Sandra Lopez-Ochoa’s possession when they arrived at the scene.

Then, Lopez-Ochoa starts to talk before stopping and asking Sacba to remove his hand from his holster.

Please, don’t touch your gun. She says.

“It is actually on his holster. It’s something we do. It’s nothing. We are not going …” Sacba partner’s response.

Lopez-Ochoa says to Sacba, “No, you’re not asking me that.”

He tells her, “I’m keeping it here. I’m only resting my hands, I am not holding the weapon.”

Lopez-Ochoa stands up and Sacba’s partner tells her to place her hands behind her. She then lunges with the knife at him.

The officer is seen touching the area on his forehead after the shots have rung out. Above his eyebrow, blood is seen dripping.

Hey, how are you? Sacba yells.

The officer replies, “Yes.”

Larkin said if Lopez-Ochoa survived, she would have been charged with battery/strangulation, attempted murder on a first responder and assault with a deadly weapon on a first responder.

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