Video shows chaotic police action as they break up a Burning Man climate demonstration blocking the road and causing a traffic jam

Video captured police breaking up at gunpoint a climate protest that blocked more than 150 vehicles on a road leading to the popular Burning Man festival.

A video shows the chaos that ensued when tribal officers in Nevada dispersed a group blocking the road, causing traffic to be backed up for people trying to reach the Burning Man Festival.

A law enforcement vehicle was seen smashing into the sign “Burners of the World unite” and the trailer set up behind it, as the annual gathering began in the Black Rock Desert of northern Nevada.

We are not violent. Please… We have no weapons, we are environmental activists! As police handcuff a demonstrator, a woman can be heard screaming.

The same woman is seen chaining herself to the trailer as members of the public try to move it so that traffic can flow again.


Police in Nevada break up a climate protest that was blocking a road heading to the Burning Man festival. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV)

Climate Change is causing people to suffer. She said, “Look at what happened on Maui and what is happening now in Canada.” Tensions were rising.

“Get out of my way!” A woman replied.

FreedomNewsTV filmed a video of people arguing over a trailer on the road. Signs that read “Abolish Capitalism” and “General Strike for Climate,” are leaning against the trailer.

We have to get to the end, please help us. There’s a lot to do! As he begins to dismantle a trailer, a man wearing a cowboy’s hat can be heard saying: “We got to get through. Help us. We have s— to do!”

Members of the public and the protesters argue over a trailer that had been set up in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV)

A male protester told him, “You are going to hurt somebody.”

He replied, “I don’t really care… There are people here with medical issues and you are forcing them to be under the f —— heat sun.”


A protester, right, and a bystander argue over the effectiveness of blocking the road to raise awareness about climate change. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV )

The male protester continues to argue with the other side, and then declares, “This democracy is ours, we are entitled to protest!” Bring in the police! F —— incredible,” before adding “This is the way we are trying wake up this community.”

The person asks, “How will we change the world by doing this?” The scene on the road is shown by pointing at it.

“Every single change in the society was brought about by civil disobedience. He says.

The scene in the middle of the road caused a heavy traffic jam in the Nevada desert. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV)

The police finally arrive, their sirens blasting.

“Get out Now! “On the ground!” “All of you, get down! As he exits the Rangers truck, an officer with his gun drawn says: “All of you on the ground now!”

“Stop resisting!” A voice then yells “Stop resisting!” as the police handcuff a female.

Nevada tribal police officers are seen taking a female protester into custody. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV)

In the video, police throw the signs of climate protesters on the side while they make more arrests.

Police are seen tossing the climate protesters’ signs onto the side of the road, clearing it up for traffic to resume flowing again. (Oliya Scootercaster/FreedomNewsTV)

The protest caused a traffic jam that backed up at least 150 cars, including tour buses.

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