Video shows former University of Kentucky student being assaulted and hurled racial slurs.

A former University of Kentucky student was arrested after allegedly assaulting a Black student and using racial slurs. She has been permanently banned from the school.

The University of Kentucky has permanently banned a white student from the school for allegedly assaulting a Black student worker and repeatedly using racial slurs.

Sophia Rosing has been removed from the university’s student list following Sunday’s incident and she will be denied re-enrolment, Eli Capilouto, president of the university, said Wednesday in a message to UK residents. The school continues to investigate.

Rosing was set to graduate May. Fred Peters, Rosing’s attorney, stated Tuesday that she will seek assistance for any issues.

According to an arrest report, Rosing was charged by campus police with the first and second offenses for alcohol intoxication, third-degree assault on a police officer, fourth degree assault, and second-degree disorderly behavior.


Rosing pleaded guilty to the charges Monday afternoon, and was released from jail later that day.

Peters described his client as “very humiliated, embarrassed and remorseful”.

Capilouto stated in his message, “This behavior was disgusting. It is devastating for our community.”

He said, “We stand with our students who were attacked by this unacceptable violence and hostility.”

Rosing was temporarily suspended after university officials discovered the incident. Capilouto stated that Rosing was removed from campus by the suspension.

Fayette County Detention Centre provided this photo of Sophia Rosing. Officials at the University of Kentucky said that they are still looking into an incident in Rosing’s case of physically assaulting a Black student worker and using racial slurs repeatedly. (Fayette County Detention Center via AP)

Boyd Hall’s altercation was recorded on video and shared to numerous social media platforms. Kylah Spring, a freshman clerk at Boyd Hall, claims that Rosing repeatedly hit her and kicked her in her stomach. Spring claimed that Rosing attacked her after she asked Rosing (who appeared intoxicated) if she was okay.

Rosing can be heard using racist slurs throughout this video. A police report states that she used derogatory language even after being taken into custody.

Spring, who was on an overnight shift, didn’t retaliate and stated at one point, “I don’t get paid enough”

Rosing, who was accompanied by police upon her arrival, told officers that she had “lots of money” and received special treatment. According to an arrest affidavit. Rosing kicked me when I asked her to get back in the chair and bit my hand.


Spring addressed the woman she was accused of assaulting during a rally on campus Monday evening.

She said, “You won’t break my spirit” and that she would hold you responsible for your actions. “I pray that you love unconditionally and live a more positive and loving life.

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