Virginia father arrested for allegedly hitting son’s youth coach with metal bottles

A Virginia father was charged with malicious wounding after allegedly beating his son’s youth soccer coach with a metal bottle during a game over the weekend.

A Virginia dad has been arrested for allegedly attacking his son’s youth coach with a metal bottle during a weekend game.

Blerand Bxoha was accused of malicious wounding for allegedly hitting the coach’s face several times during a soccer match in George Hellwig Memorial Park, Manassas, on Saturday. The coach suffered a black eye, swelling and bruises to his face. Hoxha remains in jail without bail.

Vince Villanueva, the coach of the team, said that he does not know why Hxoha attacked Villanueva. He did recall however that they were losing badly at the time he was knocked down.

When I got him to put him back into the game and I asked him if he was okay, the father had gone over to speak to him. He said, “No, he is not,” and asked, “Coach, can I speak to you?” Then, everything went downhill,” Villanueva said to FOX 5.


Blerand Bxoha, 45 was charged with malicious injury.

Villanueva claimed that he was substituting for a friend at a boys team scrimmage for the Northern Virginia Soccer Club, and that he hadn’t met Hxoha nor his son. Villanueva, the head coach of the Potomac Senior High School varsity girls team, said that he had never seen such violence in his coaching career.

Villanueva stated that some off-duty officers were present at the game and were able calm down the situation by moving the children to a safer area.

On Monday, one of his eyes was still swollen, bloodshot and bruised, and he also had cuts on his face and nose.

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A Virginia dad was arrested for allegedly attacking his son’s youth coach with a metal bottle. (Prince William County Police).

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Villanueva urged parents to let their children have fun instead of creating stress by criticizing a coach’s decision.

He said, “Let them do their jobs and make it fun for them.” “Kids already have enough stress with all the other things in their lives, so let them have a place to escape to.”

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