Watch: A ‘Full-On Riot Breaks Out In Big Apple’s Union Square during PS5 Giveaway

A riot broke out in Union Square Park in New York City on Friday after an influencer’s plan to giveaway a Playstation 5 went south.

On Friday, a riot broke out at Union Square Park in New York City after an influencer failed to deliver on his plan to give away a Playstation 5.

From the New York Post

Kai Cenat , a Twitch gamer, scheduled the meet-up for 3:30 pm. He planned to give away PS5s as well as computers, microphones, and other gaming equipment.

Within a half hour, the crowd of almost 1,000 children had descended into chaos. Cones were thrown and there was brawling.

Online videos show children screaming and climbing up on what appears to be vehicles.

The NYPD riot squad was dispatched to the park.

Sources in the police department described it as “a full-on riot.”

The story is evolving…

View the video below:

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