“WE HAVE THE RECEIPTS”: El Paso Mayor Lying About White House Pressure –Here’s the proof

Claudia Rodriguez, El Paso City Councilmember stopped by Jesse Watters Primetime Wednesday night in protest of the Democratic mayor. He lied about White House pressures on the city to not declare a migrant crisis.

From Fox News

On Fox News Wednesday night, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser refuted Rodriguez’s claim that he was forced by the White House not to declare the migrant influx an immediate emergency. He said that he made the decision on his own.

Leeser said, “Absolutely no,” to host Dana Perino. He added: “We need to take politics out of all of this.”

However, video footage taken at a September council meeting appears to contradict this.

Leeser stated that Chief Ortiz of the U.S. Border Patrol did not support declaring an emergency at this moment during the Sept. 27 meeting. “And the White House asked at this moment for us to not do that.”

Rodriguez, a Councilwoman, was shocked to hear Mayor Leeser lie to her about the White House pressure — especially since the proof is so easily found.

Rodriguez stated Wednesday that Rodriguez’s comments were “crazy” and she agreed with him.

We have the receipts. Rodriguez stated that the receipts are available online for all to see.

See the video above.

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