WEAR, CALL IT A COMEBACK! Overcome Drops 2024 Hint: ‘I’ll Most Likely Have to Do It Again’

Another hint came from the former President.

Although he has yet to make any announcements, ex-President Donald Trump has given many clues that he will seek the White House in 2024. His latest hint was made at a Texas rally this weekend.

“I ran twice. I won twice. Trump stated Saturday night in Robstown Texas, that he did better than before. He spoke to increase support for GOP candidates in Texas’ Lone Star State.

“Obtaining millions more votes in 2020 that 2016 and, likewise, getting more voters than any sitting president in our country’s history.” He said that he would have to do it again in order to make the country safe, successful, and glorious once again.

From The New York Post

The 45th president later referred to “the silent majority” of voters that propelled him into the White House in 2016, and said they are “back stronger then ever before.”

He said, “My fellow citizens. This incredible journey we are all on together has just begun.”

He made his public debut at the rally in South Texas since Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot when the House select committee investigating him issued him a subpoena to testify and produce documents.

He slammed “these crooked persons” on the panel, saying they ignore the real investigation into his claims about rampant fraud in 2020’s presidential election. Instead of focusing on him, he lashed out at them.

You can watch the video above. You can find more from The New York Post here:

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