WHAT THE WOKE? San Fran Launches Bizarre Ad Campaign Amid Dwindling Tourism [WATCH]

San Francisco is desperately trying to court tourists back to the Bay Area after years of making headlines for all the wrong reasons —but the city’s latest ad campaign is raising eyebrows.

San Francisco desperately wants to entice tourists back to its Bay Area, after years of being in the news for the wrong reasons. But the city’s newest ad campaign has raised eyebrows.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the advertisement is part of an ad purchase of $6 million dollars and is a first in city history.

The Chronicle :

Advertisements will run in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, and Houston until October 22. Digital advertising will be used in Australia, India and the Asia Pacific region as well as Europe, Canada, Mexico, Canada, and Mexico. In the next few months, a U.S. Travel Giveaway Contest featuring five local experiences is planned. The campaign is expected to reach up to 193 million people.

The campaign comes after a part recovery in tourism, where spending increased by more than double compared to 2021. The Outside Lands festival and Dreamforce, two major conferences, have returned to full force. A series of high profile crimes and a string retail closings on the tourist-heavy Powell Street have tarnished the city’s reputation as summer travel season approaches.

San Francisco’s drug-infested street and homeless population is, of course absent from the advertisement. The ad instead focuses on drag queens and choreographed dancing numbers.

The voiceover announces that it is the “most beautiful place in the world.”

Click on the above ad to view it.

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