Whitened man who was beaten by simply 2 Hawaiians claims typically the assault was a hate offense

A white man has claimed to be a victim of a hate crime. According to Christopher Kunzelman, his Native Hawaiian assaulters said no white people would ever live in Kahakuloa village.

White man claims he was the victim of hate crime by two Native Hawaiian men who attacked him as he was renovating a Maui home. He also admitted that the attackers were racist, even though no racist comments could be heard on video from the beating.

Christopher Kunzelman claimed that the men beat him, and that no white people would ever be able to live in Kahakuloa Village. This comment is not recorded in the footage. Kaulana Alo­Kaonohi Jr. and Levi Aki Jr. face one federal charge each for a hate Crime. Although they deny that the assault occurred, their defense attorneys claim that Kunzelman’s entitled attitude and disrespectful behavior motivated them to commit it.

According to U.S. prosecutors, Aki and Alo-Kaonohi punched, kicked, and used a shovel against Kunzelman. Kunzelman suffered injuries that included a concussion and two broken ribs, head, and abdominal trauma.


Salina Kanai (federal defender for Alo-Kaonohi) interrogated Kunzelman. He admitted that the men had been furious about Kunzelman’s earlier work on village gates, but did not mention his race.

Kanai stated that Alo-Kaonohi is not talking about his skin color or race. Kanai refers to Alo-Kaonohi as “brah” in the video.

Christopher Kunzelman was a white man who sustained serious injuries in a Hawaii attack and claimed that he was the victim of hate crimes.

Kanai stated that Alo-Kaonohi didn’t call Kunzelman “haole” during an expletive-laden tirade over the locks. This Hawaiian term can also refer to a white person.

Kunzelman responded, “Correct, not yet.”

The incident was captured by cameras mounted on Kunzelman’s vehicle, parked under the house. After more than five minutes, Kanai stated that there was one racial utterance.


Aki stated in the recording, “You’s haole,eh.”

The video shows Aki, who is seen pacing on one side with a shovel resting on his shoulder. The sound from upstairs is captured by the video. Kunzelman claimed he was being beaten but no images were taken.

Kunzelman stated that the men calling him “haole”, in a derogatory manner, and threatening him with shooting him with their own guns, are not audible on the video.

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Kunzelman stated that Kunzelman and his wife moved to Maui after Kunzelman was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis. Kunzelman said that his wife loved the island.

He claimed that a Hawaiian woman appeared to him in dreams and advised him to purchase the oceanfront home. After seeing an advertisement online, he and his wife bought it sight unseen.

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