Wisconsin lawyer seeks dismissal of sex-assault charges against client accused of dismembering lover

A Green Bay, Wisconsin, woman who allegedly dismembered man is seeking to have a sexual assault charge dropped because at the time the alleged crime took place, the man was dead.

The lawyer for a Wisconsin woman who was accused of killing and dismembering an unnamed man in Green Bay and also attacked her former attorney in court filed a motion to throw out the charge of sexual abuse, claiming that the man wasn’t “a person” according to the law, because he had died at the time the alleged crime.

Christopher T. Froelich, of Green Bay’s Froelich Law Group, filed the motion on May 24. He said the complaint against Taylor Schabusiness did not include essential facts. He claims that the criminal complaint, and the information accompanying it, are ineffective as the facts do no support the charge of Third-degree Sexual Assault.

Taylor Schabusiness returns into a Brown County Courtroom after attacking Quinn Jolly in a hearing held in Green Bay, Wisc. on February 14, 2023. (WLUK/Tim Flanigan, via AP).

Schabusiness, 25 years old, was charged with first degree intentional homicide and mutilating corpses, as well as third-degree sexual abuse. She pleaded guilty to all charges and did not plead guilty due to mental illness or defect.

A WISCONSIN woman pleads not guilty to a murder committed in memory of a deceased person

The defendant is accused by the prosecution of strangling Shadthyrion in Green Bay, in February 2022. He was also sexually abused and his body dismembered, with pieces of it scattered throughout the home and vehicle.

In the motion , Schabusiness’s attorney claims that there is not enough evidence to prove that Thyrion has been sexually assaulted. Additionally, the state’s allegations that a toy was placed in the victim’s genitals cannot be proved because a DNA sample from the toy returned inconclusive results.

Taylor Schabusiness attacked the attorney she was representing during a hearing in court on Tuesday. Feb. 14, 2023. (WLUK)

Froelich disagrees also with the claims of the state that Thyrion engaged in sexual relations with the deceased person.

Froelich stated in his motion, that Thyrion did not exist at the time of the incident as he had died. In Wisconsin, a deceased person no longer counts as a human being.


In the dismissal request, the defense claims that a penis had been removed from a dead body when the police found it on Stoney Brook Lane on February 23, 2022.

The apartment on Eastman Avenue was where Schabusiness was located, not the house.

The police claimed that body parts had been found in an Under Armour bag, a Jimmy Choo handbag and a Crock-Pot in a minivan.

Froelich wrote it would be almost impossible to have a sexual assault with the way the body had been dismembered. When the penis of a dead body was discovered, it “could not function” in that condition.

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In February 2023 Schabusiness was captured on video attacking Quinn Jolley in a Brown County Circuit Courtroom.

Schabusiness assaulted Quinn shortly after Judge Thomas Walsh agreed that her trial on March 6 would be postponed. A sheriff’s deputy wrestled Schabusiness to the ground.

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