Wyoming woman accused of setting ablaze the state’s sole full-service abortion clinic enters plea

Lorna Roxanne Green, 22, will enter a plea to an arson charge in federal court on Friday, just over a year after she allegedly set fire to Wyoming's only full-service abortion clinic.

On Friday, a 22-year old college student accused of setting a fire to a Wyoming abortion clinic is expected to plead guilty to arson charges in federal court.

According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, Lorna Roxanne, 22, allegedly admitted to investigators that, weeks before the clinic’s grand opening in Casper Wyoming last year, she had decided to burn down the Wellspring Health Access Clinic because it was against abortion.

According to reports, the woman said that she also experienced anxiety and nightmares about the upcoming opening of the clinic, originally scheduled for June 12, 2020, before the damage caused by the fire.

Green was arrested almost 10 months after the May 25, 2022 fire. The Department of Justice stated that she was believed to be the suspect who had been caught on video breaking into the facility using a gasoline can and lighting it on fire.

Wyoming woman arrested nearly a year after allegedly setting planned abortion clinic on fire

A Wyoming abortion clinic was set on fire by an arsonist last year.

The fire did not cause any injuries, but there was significant smoke damage to the clinic and some broken windows. A recent Facebook post stated that the damages were estimated at around $300,000.

After months of no arrests, the authorities offered a reward of $15,000 for any information about the suspect shown in publicly released screenshots from the video footage. This led to Green.

If convicted, she could face up to twenty years in prison as well as a fine of $250,000. Ryan Semerad is Green’s lawyer and he said that he was looking forward to representing her in court.

Lorna Green, 22, allegedly confessed to setting ablaze Wyoming’s one and only abortion clinic with full service weeks before the grand opening. (Platte county Sheriff’s office via AP).


The clinic opened a couple of weeks ago, on April 20. It offers medicated and surgical abortions, birth control, HIV/AIDS treatment and care, as well as other women’s health and family planning services.

According to Wellspring Health Access’ Facebook page, the clinic suffered damages of nearly $300,000. (AP Photo/Mead Gruver).

According to The AP, Wellspring is Wyoming’s only clinic to offer surgical abortions in the last decade. Before its opening, an abortion medication facility was located in Jackson.

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On March 18, the conservative state was the first to pass a law that explicitly banned abortion pills. The AP reported that the pills have been legal in the U.S. for decades.

Without court intervention, the ban is scheduled to go into effect on July 1.

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