ZELDIN’S PROMISE – ‘On my First Day in Office I WIll Declare a Criminal Emergency’

Lee Zeldin, New York GOP Governoral Candidate, stopped by Fox News’ Sunday morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo in order to discuss the potential first day of a Zeldin Administration for the state.

Zeldin stated, “I want do as much as possible in the first 100 minutes.” “It’s a goal of mine to be very active on day one. Just a few days ago, I announced that I would declare a New York crime emergency as soon as my sworn in as governor. I will suspend New York’s cashless bail laws, and other pro-criminal laws. This will force the legislature into negotiations for an improvement. We have to take back our streets. We need law-abiding New Yorkers to take back control of New York’s streets and not criminals.

He added, “I have previously stated that my first action, my very first day in office, is to tell the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, that he is being fired for refusing to enforce the law.” It doesn’t end there. We must support law enforcement officers, whether cashless bail is used, less is more, raise the tax and other laws, as they can lead to law-abiding New Yorkers being hurt.

See the video below:

Zeldin’s Long Island home was the scene of a shooting last week. His two daughters were just feet from the bullets.

It really scared them. Zeldin stated that this is an example of two people who were shot and are now essentially lying about 10 feet away from their homework.

Zeldin said, “One bullet landed approximately 30 feet away from the area where the girls were doing their homework.”

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