ZERO ZUCKS GIVEN: Watch Former CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Defend Ignoring Hunter Biden Story

Last week, at the UnConvention in Philadelphia, Jeff Zucker, a former CNN executive, and Phil Griffin, former chief of MSNBC, sat down to talk with Michael Smerconish about, among other topics, their Hunter Biden laptop coverage.

Smerconish stated that he believed the Hunter laptop deserved more attention than it got right before the election. “Neither of you are in agreement with me about that?” Are you sorry? Or, if I ask you this question specifically, are you sorry that you didn’t deal with it before the election?

Zucker stated, “Well, I mean I think, I believe we, the question being, we did address it.” “But in the extent that you would, you’d have thought appropriate?” It was not enough information that we had. It was not possible, and it was not within two weeks after the election. Rudy Giuliani was the messenger on the story. That’s the problem. You’re going to give Rudy Giuliani delivering legitimacy, because he has the goods. Part of the problem with this story was who delivered the goods? Okay, that’s one.”

“That doesn’t mean we didn’t investigate it.” We did. We did look into it,” he continued. “But, first of all, regarding the son of candidate, you’ll notice that he was not the candidate. You’ll be able to answer the question, “What role did the candidate play? It was reviewed by credible organizations like Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal and the Wall Street Journal. They found nothing. It’s easy to argue that we should have spent more time looking at it. Do you think it’s valid to look at? Sure. Yes. It’s not.

Watch Zucker’s response above.

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