Mark Levin’s Friday show features President Donald Trump, who joins Mark Levin to discuss the misinformation coming from the Democrat Party and Press, which portrays Trump as a dictator, while Biden is defying the Supreme Court, and keeping our borders open. Iran had no money after the Trump administration, which made it impossible to fund terrorist organizations like Hamas or Hezbollah. Now Iran has billions of dollars from Biden’s removal of sanctions. The Democrat Marxist philosophy aims to turn the American people from compliant, submissive citizens into demoralized, timid, and compliant citizens. The Democrat party, and its surrogates, are in fact seeking a despotic regime. Joe Biden would never be hired by anyone who is objective, but he’s being pushed to do so by a corrupt Democrat press and billionaire donors that want to destroy our constitution republic. Biden and Antony Blinken, who think we shouldn’t defend ourselves because the terrorists will go away, are also on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon. The world is at war not because the American military is strong, but because we have chosen to remain idly mute while the world burns. We are only in these endless wars because we don’t want to win.


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Hour 1

Segment 1

Hello, America. Mark Levin, this is our number: 877-381. Anyway, 877-381-3811. Okay, I will do it correctly. Next hour, President Trump will appear on the show. We don’t get many politicians and candidates of note on the show, but that is what happens. We are looking forward to it. There’s never a dull moment. A great guest is always a good time. It’s very interesting. You know, now the show starts. I can hear the music. Mr. Producer is aware of this. I make a plan, and then abandon it immediately. What does it matter what I think about? I thought. I was thinking about so many unrealities. We have to face. We’re not told to believe the vast majority of what we are told. We don’t believe. We don’t believe the vast majority of what we tell our children to believe. We tell our kids not to believe anything. The majority of the fish caught is brought to our table. News. TV, Radio news. Written word is a good indicator that we do not believe what we read. Other words. What’s happening in our country, and in our daily lives today, has nothing to do at all with what we are told. On the other hand, our country is changing in ways we do not like. We’re actually appalled in many ways. We didn’t put it to a vote. We don’t have much of a say on these issues. What happens in the classrooms from K-12? There are public schools and government schools. They are indoctrination factories. The progressives have told us that 120 years ago we were called the American Marxist. The American Marxist. They should be. Stalin lent them that phrase. How can we be sure? How do we know? The New Republic of 1928. John Dewey. Woodrow Wilson said in 1908 that he was doing all of this off the tops of his head. He wrote a treatise about the Constitution when he was Princeton’s president. In so many words, he tells us to forget about the Constitution. You hear that it’s a very old document. It cannot possibly keep up with an industrialized, large, and vibrant nation that it did not found. He says that we should reject the Declaration. All this talk about inalienable rights, and how we get our rights directly from God. All of that is quaint. All quaint. What does this have to do with anything at all? Look at the declaration’s backside, where there are over 20 complaints. You need to pay attention to that. Franklin Roosevelt is the best, so we are told. The greatest president of all time for Democrats is Franklin Roosevelt. Why? He destroyed our economic system. He extended the depression. He changed the relationship that we, the people, have with the government. All Democrats, even the idiot in the Oval Office, want to be better than FDR. He went to war with the Supreme Court of the United States. He destroyed the independence of the court, and threatened a package. He eventually did it, when the older members retired, and replaced them with racists and radicals. Justice Black was a Klan lawyer in Alabama. Senator from Alabama Look at the history of our country. Look at the history of the Democrat Party versus Republican Party. You can see how it’s been rewritten. The parties were actually switched. Look at the people that bring you news. They have no substantive background. They don’t have any real experience. The overwhelming majority have a radical resume or a resume indicating that they are connected in some way to the Democrat Party. Look. And look at how they use technology. Social media is used to further control and brainwash people. Elon Musk is one of my heroes. Take a look at them. They were happy to serve the Biden administration. The FBI. DHS. Adam Schiff. They were more than happy to do so, and they did. The New York Times. This is not a newspaper but a corporate entity. It should have been out of business long ago because it. It was a shocking act of inhumanity whether it happened in the Ukraine, Third Reich or Cuba with Hamas or Israel today. Who are these people, and who do they represent? Joe Scarborough Mika Brzezinski. Lightweights. Failed. Politicians, operatives, and radio hosts. Comcast provides them with a platform. Who’s Comcast? What is Comcast? What are they? We can’t control the noise that is all around us. They have some control over the Howard Government. How our children are taught. It’s 99.9% in favor of this American Marxist Democrat Party ideologie. They want to transform the American people into a people who are freethinking and engaged, independent, curious, and industrious. They want to change the American people from a freethinking, engaged, independent, curious and industrious people into a disillusioned, subdued, compliant, unattentive, and silenced one. In this pursuit, language and thought control play a key role. Should they succeed? It will appear that a vibrant and free people are living in democratic conditions, and they will vote regularly during election cycles. But this is a deception. In truth, these surrogates, and other elements of our culture, will be in charge of an omnipresent despotic government. This government will be in charge of all matters, big and small. The evidence is everywhere. Look at Joe Biden. Nobody. Anyone who is serious, objective and serious. Joe Biden is the perfect candidate for anyone who wants to be successful. He is incapable of doing anything. He’s done nothing but get elected six times to the Senate from a tiny Democrat State. They are riding on Obama’s back, even though he never achieved anything to become Vice President of the United States. Look at how he is running his campaign. There is no real campaign. There are legal attempts. There are legal efforts to get Joe Biden as president. There are billionaires. Joe Biden is being pushed to become president by billionaires. The Democrats who own media outlets and platforms are giving away free media. They also make massive contributions in kind. He’s running on democracy. Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent piece today, which I will read when I have time, that Joe Biden appears to believe he must destroy democracy to run on the basis of democracy. These people are destroying our constitutional republic, or, to be more precise, the democracy. They are destroying it. They’re destroying it even as I write. There’s been no pushback. Media attention is minimal. Brick and ICE Education Department accelerates student loan debt cancellation plan was published in Washington Examiner. Why is this important? Why is it important? This is an egregious usurpation. The Republican House, in particular, has the power to control the purse. It’s also a grave breach of the separation of powers, because he’s defying and usurping Supreme Court rulings that he does not have this power. The media is very powerful. The media don’t cover something. Well, then. Nothing ever happened for millions of people. This morning, the Biden administration announced that it is expanding and speeding up its income-driven student loan forgiveness program. Borrowers with loans under 12,000 who have made at least 10 years of payments are eligible to cancel their debts as soon as next month. It’s called the Saving and Valuable Education Plan. This is a crude and despotic attempt. This is unconstitutional at least on two levels. He wants to transfer wealth to his base of voters from taxpayers or us, who must pay interest on debts and future generations. He signed an executive directive three weeks ago to increase the salaries, base salaries, and benefits of federal employees. The biggest increase in the last 40-50 years is by five and half percent. Just did it. They signed an executive order to keep quiet as long as possible. Think allows any bureaucrat 4 hours of leave to vote. There is also a four-hour leave for bureaucrats to work in the precincts. This is an army of more than 2 million people. The vast majority are Democrats who donate to Democrats along with Trevor Pen. You had no input? I had no input. No one had any input. Independent media has reported it. Because they don’t give a damn, the corporate media and big media haven’t reported it. They are in favor of it. They support Democrats. The plan also allows for borrowers to get the benefit of the plan after making $1,000 extra payments in addition to the $12,000.10-year payment limit. Who passed this law, you ask? Nobody. Who told him he couldn’t? Supreme Court. He’s doing it. He’s doing it while he runs around talking about democratic principles. Some of the 13,000 borrowed would then have to pay a minimum of 11 years for the remaining debt. The original principle of the loans should be erased, not the current debt. The Department of Education stated that it believes the plan will free 85% of community colleges from debt within 10 years. It’s my job. It’s not my job. What does it teach the current generation? Since I’m being honest, this is how I have always been. I know many people and have many friends. They were upset with the Democrats and the government’s growth. They are very angry about the people who receive benefits. They’re upset about the debt. That’s 100% correct. Nevertheless, some of them are still on the dole. Missy meant this. We all sound like Marxists. They are on the dole. They’re probably working the system. While complaining. Sometimes you just have to shout, “Jesus, they’ve defeated us!” They’ve devoured. This generation. This generation. The Education Department will announce a program of outreach to go along with the launch. It will begin by emailing borrowers in order to encourage them sign up for this program. The department also plans to collaborate with third parties in order to increase enrollment. You can tell that this is a Democrat Party-run operation. The same leniency is not extended to people who have borrowed money to purchase a home, or to those who are mortgage borrowers. Only a certain group. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

It is always pleasure to me. It’s always been. Here I am. We have discussed with you the serious and grave violation of Constitutional separation of powers. More. You and I are paying for it. The American people are sitting on $1,000,000,000,000. They’re doing everything they can to distribute the money. Biden is not constitutionally empowered to do anything. The court has stated this. I have analyzed the situation. They are 100% correct. You don’t have to believe in the power that Congress has over the purse. Nothing. Nothing on CNN, MSNBC or any other news network. The Washington Post or The New York Times did not publish anything. Nothing on the news networks. No news coverage. This is a grave violation of our Constitution. Grave costs you half a billion dollars. No big deal. My governor’s teachers did not like his snide humor when he was a child. They still dislike it today.

Segment 3

Remember, President Trump is on at 7:02 Eastern Time. Joe Biden said in Allentown, Pennsylvania today that the locals know where to find a coffeeshop. Listen for yourself. Cut one. Go. I have already sent the message to Iran. They know we must stop. We will continue to lobby the U.S. for an end to the strike and we will ensure that we act. This is unacceptable behavior. Secretary of. I am. I’m sorry. Was there an alternative? Yes. Do we have a seat? Again, no. We are in a conflict. Listen, I play this song for a good reason. The first question is whether the hoodies belong to a terrorist organization. He replies, “I think so.” Donald Trump, you’re right. Label them as terrorists, which could have legal implications. Joe Biden changed that immediately after he took office. He claims that Iran does not want to go to war with us. However, Iran is at war against us. Did there happen a successful attack last night? Yes. I don’t believe there were civilian casualties. That’s what you can see. Then, we’ll see if it was a successful strike. This is something I would like to discuss. This makes me sick to my stomach. We have American soldiers being attacked. We have an American oil tanker. We’ve seen American ships attacked. This administration does not strike Iran. The Houthis are the ones who get hit. We have some Democrats who are so-called constitutional conservators in Congress. Also, you need a war declaration. To hit the hoodies. A declaration of war in Yemen or elsewhere is a necessity. Now, that’s stupid. You don’t. It’s not logical. It’s irrational. First, we have never applied the Constitution in this way. Ever. Even men who lived during and after the Constitutional Convention. This is not the way they defined a war declaration. She was following her own practices at the time. Somalia is where we were when we were fighting pirates on the coast of Africa. We’re now in a war. Declaring war means you’ll. Bring all of your resources and military power together. To engage in war with an enemy. Originally, it meant to destroy an opponent. That’s not what you’re doing. But that’s not what’s happening. There have been times when we should’ve declared war but instead attacked. The hoodies. Pinpricks are not a war declaration, but the way we attacked them. How stupid. Are these constitutionalists familiar with Supreme Court precedents? This is number one. The second. Both Republicans and Democrats are welcome. But I’m talking to Republicans. Gates, Gates’s likes, and other people who think. Like the radical left. All these conflicts were started by colonialists, who were imperialists. They’ve been attacking American troops, attacking them. Iran uses its surrogates. Iran wanted to eliminate a former secretary and national security advisor, who both still had protection. Iran is working on a nuclear weapon, and can do whatever it wants. 101. We have these scumbags who are dressed as Republicans, or even constitutional experts. That’s right. Quislings that seem to believe. We shouldn’t defend ourselves. These bad guys are going to disappear. They are not going anywhere. They’re emboldened. They are more appeaser. They’re more appeaser. Then Joe Biden. Joe Biden is funding Iran. They have to lift a finger. Nothing. Nothing. Then by their. According to their opinion. We should cut the military budget in half. Why do we need this money? What is it used for? If we need to declare war on terrorists in Yemen. We have to declare war on those who are using drones and missiles against our ships, and our personnel. We must declare war. We need to declare war in order to fire 60 rockets. We might as well give up. The people who hide behind Constitution, those people who say they are America first when in fact they are America last, these people can’t support any response. Please, no Biden. Real response When our military and men and women are attacked. Make me sick. Biden makes my stomach sick. Appeasement is a way for him to escalate the conflict in the Middle East. Appeasement is provocation. Putin did this to Ukraine. China has rolled into Hong Kong, and it will roll into Taiwan. The world is on the verge of war because the world is at this point. We are not strong because America is. We strike too many enemies. We don’t. That’s why. Look at the Biden Administration. What they are doing. They are funding Iran which in turn funds the Houthis, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Hamas is funded through the U.N., and the PLO (the Arafat PLO) directly. They are funding Iran directly and indirectly with tens or hundreds of billions. They lifted the sanctions Trump imposed on Iran. It was starving me. This was the same way we beat the Soviet Union economically. This clown enters the White House with an equally self-hating clown next to him. Blinken was his colleague when he served on the Foreign Policy Committee of the Senate, excuse me. He can’t speak fast enough. No, no, no. We don’t know that Iran does not want war with us. Ryan is. Here’s what you need to know. They laugh. They are on the verge of possessing a nuclear device. It’s then too late. What are we going do then? What were we going to do when the 7th of October attack on Israeli Jews occurred? The Biden administration spent more time telling Americans that Iran was not involved in the attack. Why? Blinken and Sullivan, and yes, Biden, have blood on their hand if Iran did. They gave that regime new life. The people rose up to overthrow the regime. Where are these Republicans on social media who lie about the Constitution? Lies about American history. Lies about our military? What about our men and women who serve in the military? Where are they in Iran? How many of them introduced legislation in Congress? Dealing with Iran. How many people are on radio and TV? The Biden administration must stop rearming Iran. They are the phony bastards of the Republican Party. And yes, they exist in the Democrat Party as well. In the media. But nothing can be done about them. They will kill more Americans and get what they want. One day they will get what they want. Your kids will be drafted into a massive war or a declaration war. This is what it means. They’re not trying to avoid or even avoiding. There is a war. Provocateurs are at work. They are either too stupid or stubbornly ideological to grasp it. Call me a warmonger. Neocon has no meaning to me, because I am not a warmonger. It is used to denigrate a Jew that supports America. They do that. Tell me what the difference is between George McGovern and these people. Tell me what the difference is between these people’s foreign policy and that of Neville Chambers. Tell me what the difference is between these people, and Joe Biden’s real foreign policy. We have endless wars because we do not seek victory. We’re hit. It’s Osama Bin Laden who is based with Al Qaida Afghanistan. What should we’ve done? We should have been in there. Take that S.O.B. Out and everything in a radius of 100 miles around him. We should have done that. Oh, Mark. Oh, Mark. Nothing. There are people in the Republican Party today, and certainly in the Democrat Party. We also have them in the media. If we were to be in the middle, it would also work. They wouldn’t want us. To destroy the Third Reich. We had to blow Germany from the face of earth in order to obliterate Third Reich. No, no, and no. Frank, their hero would have been undermined. Roosevelt Day, who would have undermined George Marshall and General Eisenhower would have also undercut all of them. Can you imagine Harry Truman dropping the atomic weapons? To finally defeat Japan. It was the largest battle of World War Two. Was it the Battle of the Bulge? He would not Jima, where my grandfather wasn’t those battles. It was Okinawa. It was a small island. It was Okinawa, a small island off of Japan. It was Okinawa. Thank God, we had the strength and willpower to act. No ceasefires were declared. We did not provide humanitarian assistance to the enemy. We targeted cities and civilians. This was the only way we could destroy the military, and the government. But not today. So I heard you hitting the hoodie. Okay. 60 location. Okay. We need a declaration. I’m not sure what is considered committing bull crap. Iran. Iran has been doing this for almost a half-century. Both Republican and Democrat presidents Trump had their backs. Remember when Trump was criticized by the same people for taking out Soleimani. Oh my God, Trump will start a war. What can we do to stop this? You watch the wounded soldiers, you watch the tunneling of towers. All these charities are there to help. Many of them. They are the casualties. Are the casualties. What the Islamo Nazis in Tehran did. We’re provocation them, but oh. I don’t believe so. Quislings. Five-membered column Sometimes I wonder if we will ever survive. The American Marxists are here, destroying the history of our country and destroying public support. The current generation is being turned against us, by tearing down monuments and shredding our Constitution, while running around claiming to be defending democracy. Then we have Republicans who join radical, radical Democrats that hate America. We are to blame. You must not provoke your enemy. Appeasement is not an option. They sent two nuclear submarines and two carrier groups. All kinds of jets and all types of pilots were sent to the Middle East. Leave the troops in Iraq where they are sitting ducks. Leave the troops in Iraq where you find them. I went, but I didn’t pull everything out. Oh, okay. You may not have heard the word missiles. I’ll be back in a moment.

You all know that I don’t just sit around and do polls. I don’t really know what everyone in the audience thinks. Some people on social media are insane, so I don’t bother to read them. You may remember that I mentioned Kevin McCarthy a while back. Many of you wish Kevin McCarthy were there now, don’t they? He did the most conservative budget, the most conservative border security effort and he presented it in partnership. Chip Roy and the Freedom Caucus. Byron Donalds, etc. I like the speaker now, but there was no reason for me to change the previous speaker. He was everything I said he would be. He was telling the truth. He was a liar. They don’t speak to you anymore, except when they chortle. We’re back in the same situation. When it comes to national security and foreign policy, my views should not be controversial. This is not the view of someone who wants to be a war monger or interventionist. It’s the view of someone who loves his nation and wants to protect her. He doesn’t wish to see wars along our coasts or shores, and he doesn’t desire a draft. You can only deal with this by doing what you have to. Okay. In just a few moments, President Trump will be appearing. We’ll be back in a few minutes.

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