On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the issue with President Biden is not his age – it’s his dementia. Biden will do anything for power, this he understands even in his mental state. Nothing shows this more than the frustration Biden has for AG Merrick Garland. Garland has bent over backward for Biden, but now he’s not good enough because he didn’t clean up Robert Hur’s special counsel’s report. Afterward, at face value, Donald Trump’s comments on NATO sounds like he’ll abandon NATO, but he won’t. Trump said it because he wants to scare NATO countries into paying their fair share. The media isn’t interested in listening to the context of what Trump said. Obviously, Trump wouldn’t let Russia attack NATO under his presidency. Trump’s not going to launch us into WW3, there was more peace under Trump than President Biden. Later, Biden was at a press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan to team up and bash Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. Jordan is a creation, it’s a fake country. The monarchy was installed by the British. Mark reminds us of black September, Jordan’s slaughter of Palestinian civilians. Also, the Super Bowl was a great game but there were two turn-offs. Enough of the Travis Kelce Taylor Swift public romance at the games, between the games, and everywhere else. The average fan doesn’t care. And Kelce lost all respect when he nearly knocked down Coach Andy Reid while screaming at him on the sideline. That is unacceptable.  Finally, Mazi Pilip calls in to discuss her special election for Rep George Santos’ seat in NY on Tuesday, February 13. This race comes down to open borders vs secure nation.

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Judicial Crisis network is launching an ad campaign in MT and PA against Joe Biden’s radical judicial nominee, Adeel Mangi.

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Let me get this out of the way. It was a great football game last night. I found myself rooting for the 49 ers, but knowing that Mahomes would probably come through when the 49 ers had a great first quarter and they didn’t score a point in the first quarter, I don’t think Mr. Producer, did they? I said, Oh. This is going to be a problem. You can play all the great football you want, but if you’re not scoring, you’re not scoring because this guy Mahomes is a killer. The end of the game just is. But two things that were a complete turnoff to me. I’m not ESPN. I’m not a host on ESPN. And I’m sick and tired of this Taylor Swift Kelsey crap. I really am. People reading their lips. Did you see that one? This producer. What did they say to each other? Um, I could care less. And then the camera showed her, what, half a dozen times jumping up and down with her groupies. I mean, what was that all about? Susan, an attack on Taylor Swift. There’s just a place for these things. Mark, you’re getting so old. No, I’d feel the same way if I were 22. Doesn’t matter. It’s weird. The NFL is promoting it. CBS is promoting it. They’re doing it for hits. They’re doing it for numbers. ESPN is promoting it. Same reason. They want the audience. Fox Sports, all the sports. Same damn thing now. That wasn’t even what bothered me the most. Well, this guy, Kelsey, who’s a big brute, he is a big, strong athlete. Ran up to his coach. Andy Reid, who was the coach prior to this to the Eagles. And I’m fond of this guy. By all accounts, he’s a player’s coach. He’s a good man. He’s soft spoken. He lost his son a couple decades ago to drug overdoses. Ran up to him. I mean, I’m watching it. We’re all watching it. And didn’t hit him hard, but still got in his coach’s face, shocked his coach slightly burying them. The coach almost fell down. Obviously, he’s an older guy. Obviously, he’s way overweight and is screaming at him. I said, you know what? You’re a punk. I mean, look, I’m an Eagles guy. We had a horrible season. So this isn’t about. One team or the other. It’s about how you treat your coach. He’s a punk. That’s what he is. And I don’t care the reasons for it. He wanted to go out there. He wanted to make sure that they got the fumble. I could care less. Football’s a team sport. Maybe you’re not going to be in every single play. I mean, you’re in 99% of them. Did you see that, Mr. Blazer? Wasn’t that a real turnoff? It was just repulsive. And you could see how Reid was shocked he dropped this clipboard or whatever it was. He almost fell down. I mean, what is that? Scott, He. He’s the general. He has to control both sides of the ball. He’s got to watch the clock. He’s got to call the plays. He’s got his close guys, call the plays. He’s got to see who’s injured. Comes in. You run up there. Your sorry ass up there like you’re the only one on the field. Guy’s a punk. That’s what turned me off. And by the way, my wife and our two friends, it’s like, what was that? What was that? I mean, the guy goes massive now, you know, he does the vaccine commercials. He’s on like every other commercial. Does it matter what he’s pushing? Food, insurance, vaccines. Hemorrhoid ointment. I don’t know what the hell his push. He’s pushing everything. So as he goes, massive. They say he’s not a very nice guy. That’s what they say. I don’t know. I don’t care. He could be the worst guy on the face there. There being great baseball players who are nasty guys. That’s fine. What do I care? But that’s not the point. There’s 100 and 3040 million people watching and you run up to your coach and older guys way over weight who has brought this team to where it is. He made the decisions on the draft. He’s got control of the Kansas City Chiefs. And he’s bringing them. The kind of stardom, the kind of legacy. Very few other coaches can do. Which part? The great players. I don’t care how many great players you have. Look at the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s the coach in the end who has to do it. Shanahan. Coached a great game. He can’t run on that field and score for his team. But I know about this man, too. He’s another very gentle, decent man like his father. He’s an offensive coordinator turned coach. He’s a brilliant offensive coordinator. The game was very close. It couldn’t have been more exciting. Quite frankly. And, you know, when it’s a game that close and you lose, it’s very sad. If you’re on the 49 or side and so forth. But I happen to know he’s a good guy. Father’s a good guy. A friend of mine said, Yeah, but he’s San Francisco, so I’m rooting for Casey. It’s nothing to do with the mentality or the politics of San Francisco. Zero. Zero. He’s not in any of that stuff. Who the hell is these days, anyway? But for me, Kelsey will always be on my list after that. Always. And and I’m truly sick and tired of that whole romance thing. It’s constant. It’s. Oh, where we. We bought the, uh, the box, you know, was what was a $1.4 million. Meanwhile, I see Purdy’s family. They’re down there with everybody else. There are among the fans. Mr. Producer Ken, I don’t mind. I’m sure LeBron, they showed a picture. LeBron, I’m sure he’s up there. And one of those special boxes, you know. Who cares? Police have enough respect? And they don’t. And I’m going to tell you another secret. A ton of fans of Taylor Swift. This has nothing to do with it. This is football. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be fun things and unusual. I thought Usher was great, by the way. But I’m a big Usher fan. That is politics suck. I mean, most singers, their politics suck. Most of them are leftist. He’s a leftist. But it is entertaining as hell to me. And I’m sitting there and said, What the hell, That’s Ludacris. And everyone’s like, How do you know that’s Loretta? How do you not know that that’s Ludacris. How do you not know that? Did you know that, Mr. Producer? Well, who would know that? Anyway. All in all, it was quite good. All in all, it was quite good. The halftime was good commercials. Most of them were pretty good. The game was quite good. But as I say, the soap opera going on with those two too. I could care less. And it’s very annoying at this point. I think it is for most people. And the Kelsey thing, they’re going after you coach like that. That really turned my stomach. They really did. I watched it a couple more times online now. Any reach, shake, any drops, is it like, what the hell? You know, that that that’s unacceptable. Absolutely unconscionable. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
All right. I think the communist Chinese are interfering with the program right now. Tick tock. My wife is amazing. Super Bowl, the snacks, the food. It’s just fantastic. Plus, what she said to me before the Super Bowl. Mr. Producer, you can eat whatever you want. And as much as you And I said, Holy mackerel, that was a good one. Couple of things I want to clear up here. The issue with Joe Biden is not his age. It’s his dementia. I want to be very clear about this because the media keeps saying ageism. But first of all, screw off media. Everybody despises you and for good reason. It’s not about his age. He’s an imbecile. That’s the way you say that in the legal sense. Not in a derogatory sense. He’s. He’s officially an imbecile. We all see it. We all know it. There have been great leaders who’ve been old men, some of them even old women like the Queen Elizabeth. She wasn’t, you know, shuffling around, banging on the walls, speaking to dead former leaders. Choose a classic right to the end. And how old was she when she passed away? Was over 100 or something. Close to 100th. So it’s not age. It’s Biden. Biden is an imbecile. That’s the problem. That’s number one. What else is out there that I need to address? Number two, Trump on his narrow comments. At face value. Listen to his narrow comments. You go, Wow, he’s going to abandon Natal, but he’s not going to abandon Neda. You know why he said what he said? And maybe he shouldn’t have said it. Maybe he shouldn’t have said it that way. But you know why he said it? He wants to scare these narrow countries that had been pressed and pressed and pressed over and over again to pay their fair share, their big 3%. Into the NAITO system too. Damn. Well do it. Because the context of his comment was these countries aren’t paying well like Russia attack you. Now, obviously, he’s not going to let that happen and obviously they would trigger the whole naito response. But the media are not interested in trying to discern what’s going on. It it’s just, you know, same damn thing. Biden can call you know, he can call Egypt, Mexico, the president of Egypt, the president of Mexico and his spoke said he had seen the restless. Look, he misspoke. That’s the problem. But on Trump, by God, he’s going to launch World War Three. Now he’s not. We had more peace breaking out under Trump than we certainly have under Biden. Now, Mark, you defend everything he says? No, I don’t. And I’m explaining what I. Feel quite certain he meant because just watch him. Over the years he’s always attacking Naito, always threatening Naito because he wants them to pay up. If you cut through all the spin or the or all the the way it’s presented, maybe by him, the way it is spun by the media, and you think for yourself, you’ve figured these things out. That’s what I do. What else? I got a lot to get into, but I want to deal with this, these other issues quickly. The issue before the Supreme Court is not, as some of these legal analysts and other analysts who don’t have law degrees keep saying Trump is trying to delay the trial in Washington, D.C., which by the way, he has every right to try to do. You know, you’re not a defendant trying to make it easy for the press. Hey, what do you need over there? You took attorney client privilege. You got my lawyer’s testimony. You got his notes that he took. What else do you want? Hey, we want to make this fair, speedy trial act. No, no, no. I get to decide. That is the defendant. We want a speedy trial. It’s in the public interest, not, you know, to lock you up as fast as possible with a D.C. jury. An Obama hack judge, A Biden hack. We got all this figuring out. We got a whole Potemkin courtroom built here just for you, Trump. Don’t make us waste all this money. What do you mean? Due process? Attorney client privilege, immunity. That was wrong with you. Anyway, the reporting is disgusting. First of all, the D.C. Circuit didn’t decide the issue of post-presidential immunity. A panel, a three judge panel did. Two of whom were appointed by Biden, One of whom is a complete actually, both of them. Two of the three complete hacks. The other is a long in the tooth bush appointee who’s just kind of doodling. Can I take senior status? I don’t know. What’s your idea anyway? Now, typically what happens is a period of time. Where defendant has a right to make an appeal to the full court. Doesn’t mean the full court will agree. But you have a right to make a thoughtful appeal to the full court. Make your case for why you want to. It’s complex. It’s a case of first impression involves the Constitution. It could have ramifications for the rest of the republic and so forth. And it could, you know, what this panel did must reduce rather than allowing Donald Trump to have, say, typical 30, 45, 60 days to do that sort of thing. They ruled last Tuesday. You have until next Monday to appeal and you’re not to appeal to this full court. We’re going to prevent you from doing that. You have to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. And we are directing the trial court. If your lawyers don’t do what we tell them to do, to start the trial immediately, that has never happened in my my knowledge, ever, ever. So Trump’s lawyers go to the Supreme Court today and they said, hey, can we get back to regular processes here? And I’ll add, we know these courts when, you know, pin a criminal charge on me or a criminal guilt. As soon as they can to interfere with the election. But I have a right to go through the same process as every other defendant in this circuit. That’s the issue. They talk about him being above the law. Well, he wants to be treated as if he’s within the law.

Segment 3
We’re going to have Mazi Pilip on the program in the third hour. You know, I’ve endorsed her for the special election in New York. And the issue really comes down to this, to our friends in New York, in this district. Open borders versus a secure nation. The Democrat running claims to be a moderate compromiser. They all claim to be moderate compromisers, yet they always backed Joe Biden. And so now you have a an opportunity that most of us do not have right now, and that is to put somebody in the House of Representatives is going to help protect this country because this guy. Suozzi Suzy is a sleazy is another fraud, another phony. He’s a Newsom wannabe. This Mazi Pilip is the real and it’s amazing to me she’s a Ethiopian heritage. A female Jewish. It’s all the bucket points. But you notice the Liberals are not supporting, though. They’re supporting a straight white man. I’m not against straight white men. I happen to be one, but I’m talking about how they make determinations. About how they’re going to support different candidates and how it always changes when it comes to Republican. The way they trash Tim Scott. The way they trash Clarence Thomas. The way they trash now. Pilip. So I’m a strong supporter. Mazi, Pilip. You folks are voting. I hope you’ll keep in mind that the Democrats are going to fall right behind Biden and Hakeem Jeffries and the other leftists who are destroying your schools, destroying your families, destroying your communities, and destroying the economy. There’s no question about it. White House Frustrated with Garland, it grows. The interference by Joe Biden in our criminal justice system is beyond debate. But the media says he said it’s beyond debate. As I’ve explained to you before, his public haranguing is like a mental patient in a padded room or intended to influence the Democrat judges. And they have. Look at this panel DC. Look at the District Court judges in DC. Look at what’s taken place in New York. The state Attorney General. Look what’s taken place in New York. The Manhattan D.A.. Look what’s taken place in Atlanta. Fulton County there, Democrat D.A.. Boy, what a pathetic. Hypocrite she’s turned out to be, and we’ll get to that. And so Biden has sent signals by leaking and his staff leaking and his lawyers, I guess leaking to The New York Times and others about the ponderous judge rather than an aggressive prosecutor. That would be the attorney general. And after that leak, Merrick Garland jumped in action, didn’t he? And the attempt to stop Trump from being on the ballot. Biden’s asked about that. He says there’s no question Trump was involved in interaction. Joe Biden will do anything for power. This he understands, even in his in his current mental state, which isn’t all that different from his mental state when he was first elected to the Senate, quite frankly. So here’s Politico, which is one of the mouthpieces for the left. White House frustration with Garland Grows. So here’s another signal to the attorney general. The president believes the special counsel investigating his handling of classified documents went beyond his remit. And part of the blame is being placed on the attorney general. Biden told aides and outside advisers the attorney general did not do enough to rein in a special counsel report stating that the president had diminished mental faculties, according to two people close to him. The report from Special counsel Robert Hare ultimately cleared Biden. And by the way, I hope you saw my show Saturday. It didn’t clear Biden. He said he wasn’t going to charge. Biden didn’t clear Biden. In fact, Biden has spent half a century violating the Espionage Act. The number of documents involved and notes, notebooks, locations, the number of occasions, the outright stealing from his Senate skiff when he was a senator, the outright stealing of classified information when he was no longer even in public office as a vice president. Trump never did any of that. He was the president of the United States. He had certain constitutional authorities that a vice president, a senator, a private citizen, simply do not have. Biden is Billy and his closest advisers believe her went well beyond his purview. Harris should have charged him and said, we’ll work out this issue where they can charge a sitting president with the Supreme Court. That’s what Jack Smith would have done. Should’ve discharged him. Frustration within the White House. Garland has been growing steadily. You notice how they attack. They hate Netanyahu. They’re turning on Garland. Why? Because they’re not loyal. They’re not loyal to Biden. Netanyahu has to represent his people. Garland. Who’s bent over backwards to accommodate Biden, the Biden family, all their criminality, their money and all the rest. But he’s not good enough because they needed him to clean up that report. In recent weeks. This is how it works. President Biden has grumbled aides and advisers ready for this one, that a Garland move sooner in his investigation into former President Trump. The election interference, a trial may already be underway or even have concluded, according to two people, granted anonymity to discuss private matters. Now, listen to that. Did you hear that phrase, Mister Producer? They were granted anonymity to discuss private matters. I’ve never heard that phrase before. In other words, these were authorized leaks, but they can’t give their names. These were authorized leaks. That trial still could take place before the election. And much of the delay is not to Garland, but deliberate resistance put up by the former president, his team. Listen to how they deliberate resistance. Oh, I see. He should just surrender. Admit guilt and go to prison. Who the hell wrote this? Hold on a second. I got to give this. Jonathan La meyer and Sam Stein. Sacco and Vanzetti of Journalism. If I’m advising a client, I tell my client, Look. A spread eagle surrender and be done with it. No, you resist. You fight. Because you may well be innocent. Let me read this paragraph again. This paragraph is not only amazing for what Biden is authorizing to be leaked, it’s amazing to show you what journalism has become and how they hate Trump so much. In recent weeks, President Biden has grumbled that aides and advisers. What’s the difference? Eight. An adviser. An adviser, Somebody outside the government, I guess that had Galan moved sooner in his investigation into former President Trump’s election interference. Every state that has a proven fact. His election interference so challenging an election using every possible legal avenue to challenge an election is not election interference. Well, then. The Democrats and the DNC, they to have a crime tape and wrap it around the whole building. A trial may already be underway or even have concluded, according to two people, granted anonymity to discuss private matters. This just further demonstrates yet again what the purpose of this entire process is, the timing of the process. The judge is bending over backwards to cut corners, as they did in the circuit last week. Biden’s behind it all. I don’t mean he’s sitting there telling them what the strategy is. He’s behind it. He’s supporting it. Remember, ladies and gentlemen, down there in Georgia, if you’re up here in Virginia or over there in Florida, over there, or down there in Georgia, Fulton County. Remember the DA’s lover? He had at least two conversations with lawyers at the White House or others, and there were two meetings. We still don’t know what happened there. What was that all about? We don’t know. Why don’t we know that same media that didn’t want you to know about on his laptop? That’s why. That trial still could take place before the election and much of the delay. Yes, tell us. So not to Garland, but to deliberate resistance put up by the former president and his team to liberate resistance. I my God. They spoke said it for the Department of Justice, declined to comment. But one former senior justice official, Anonymous, of course, noted that some of the frustrations being directed at Garland are better directed toward the White House. The president’s team had the option to exert executive privilege over elements of his report, but declined to do so. And they, Garland made edits to the report. He would have had to explain these redactions to Congress. Nowhere in here do they say that Biden is trying to interfere with a criminal investigation of himself. Did you hear that? Anything I read, Mr. Minister. Beyond that, Garland felt the need to appoint a special counsel on the classified documents case, in part because the president’s team bungled when the first documents were discovered. And it goes on. Let’s see what Democrats do. As they bend over backwards not to look partisan, and then they end up hiring people that are partisan but in the other direction, said a Biden donor. Granted anonymity. Has anybody on the record for this article? I could write this article, Mr. Producer, couldn’t I? And this is a heavy defense of Garland because the Department of Justice so no doubt leaks incessantly. To Politico, New York Times, Washington Post. But I want you to know this because this is constant now, these messages going out intentionally planted by Biden. His White House and his campaign. If Kahlon had acted sooner, this guy Trump would already be off the battlefield, the political battlefield. And so now Smith trying to do their job for them. Federal judges are trying to do their job for them. Local days are trying to do their job for them. State attorneys general are trying to do their job for them because the word’s gone out. I can’t win this election. If you don’t lock that guy up or at least get him convicted of something, something, anything. All right, we got one. The Klan Act of 1870. That starts that one. Oh, we got another one. The Enron Obstruction Act. That’s now all we got. That one. We got another one. The Federal Contractors Fraud Act. Let’s use that one. What about insurrection? I know there is no answer. Oh, darn. Anybody. What about sedition? There was no side dish. Well, what about one of the. Crimes under the Criminal Code for promoting and conspiring to create March. He didn’t do that. We don’t have any evidence, No evidence of an insurrection, sedition or violence. No, no, we don’t have any. But what about the documents? Get them on the documents. Damn it, Mr. President. Yes. You violated the Espionage Act as a senator, as vice president, and a private citizen. He’s president. It raises certain constitutional issues. My God, what’s happened to my party? We used to be so good at this. We got Nixon. We almost got Reagan. We’re the old hands who they used to know how to do this. Well, I got Mark Elias slip and fall ambulance chasing lawyer. He’s in every state now trying to change the election laws, as he did in 2020. He is, yes. Having some success again. What else are we doing? Well, you got to stab Israel in the back, Mr. President. We’re going to lose Dearborn, Michigan. We’re going to lose these these areas of river to the sea. We’re going to lose the Arab Muslim vote. You know, they’re saying you support genocide, but I don’t I’m supporting Israel, not supporting Israel’s genocide, Mr. President. Okay, I’ll do whatever I have to do. Whatever I have to do. What do you want me to do? Try to destroy Netanyahu. Try to destroy his government and his cabinet. Like like how you can use Blinken or anybody else you want. Call the elected prime minister of Israel an F and A. Send Blinken over to the Middle East. Having worked with the Arab countries to try and work against Israel, better yet, have me with Abbas. He’s a terrorist. Doesn’t matter. He’s a peaceful Palestinian. He’s a moderate. Talk about a two state solution over and over and over again. Nobody know what you’re talking about. Anyway, it sounds really good, but wait a minute. What will this other state look like? Well, even army, will they? As I’ve said many times, will they be will they have missiles? Will they have an air force? Will they? Don’t worry about it. Just keep saying two state solution, two state solution over and over again or we have a better one. What’s that? Bring the monarchy, the dictator of Jordan, in, you know, the inbred who has handed a country from his daddy, who was handed a country by the British, didn’t even exist. Okay. What do we do then? Give him a script to trash Netanyahu in Israel, Demand a two state solution. Tell them to stop whining and have him use the the figure 100,000 dead, mostly women and children. But I’ve been using the Hamas number, 27,001. Multiply it by four. Do you want to win or not? Yes. Yes. At all costs. Our cost. And I’m offering you two to go speak to Politico and tell them I’ve had it with this ponderous judge, the attorney General. If he had started earlier, Trump would already be in prison and I wouldn’t have these problems. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
Oh, The New York Times, Mr. Producer, they’ve turned on on Joe Biden. Have you seen the headlines? Have you seen the editorials? Ladies and gentlemen, The New York Times is the propaganda operation for the radical Left and the Democrat Party, the radical Left and the Democrat Party will destroy anybody that they believe will get into the way of victory in power. That’s been the history. The New York Times. New York Times is back. Marxists. Socialists. They sat silent during the slaughter of Ukrainians in 1932 by the Soviets. They covered up the Holocaust. They helped put Castro in place. They’re undermining Israel today while they promote Hamas. I mean, this is a this is a sick, bloodthirsty corporation. So they’ve decided that Biden needs to go and they need to replace him because they don’t want Trump. It’s that simple. It’s that simple, man. We’ve got a lot more. We’re all worked up. We’ll see in a moment.

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