On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, there hasn’t been such a stark difference between people in America since the Civil War. We have a Democrat party that wants to change the citizenry, turn our Capitalist economic system into a Marxist socialism, and eviscerate law and order and the military. Just as President Biden relies on Islamists and Marxists who want to see Israel destroyed, he relies on people like Nikki Haley and Chris Sununu who stab Donald Trump in the back in favor of the GOP establishment. This is a country that is being destroyed from within by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden, and the worst culprit of all is the media pushing the Democrat propaganda party lines. Also, the Biden administration is reporting the Hamas propaganda numbers because the Democrat party is firmly in the camp of Islamic terrorists and special pleaders for Iran and the terror groups they fund. Iran caused October 7th and Biden paid for it and is still paying for terrorists either directly or indirectly. Later, Mark is joined by Speaker Kevin McCarthy to talk about the phony border bill being rammed through Congress and his time as Speaker of the House.

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Pentagon: Austin cites Hamas casualty numbers, but doesn’t stand by them

Below is the reportedly latest version of the anti-Israel U.S. sponsored draft security council resolution that….


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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. Has there ever been a more stark difference? Among our people. Not since the Civil War. In other words, we have one political party, the Democrat Party, that hates the country, that wants to change the citizenry, that wants to change the people they’re supposed to represent, that wants to change our economic system into a socialist, neo marxist economic system. A Democrat Party that destroys capitalism, prefers something called climate change a complete concoction, and yet they pay for the test results through the federal government. They pay for the for the research that they want. A Democrat Party that is eviscerated. Law and order. With rampant crime in our streets. A Democrat Party that is eviscerating the United States military and our weapons systems. Have we ever had a party like this? A Democrat party that in conjunction with corporate media. It’s constantly trashing our history, constantly trashing the majority population in this country, whether it be Christian or white or what have you. Constantly picking at scabs, constantly trying to divide us, create jealousies and create hate, promotes the most loathsome professors, the most loathsome authors, the most loathsome ideologies. Day in and day out. We have a Democrat Party. That dictates to us what words we may or may not use. We have a Democrat Party that now attacks the independence of the Supreme Court who used to be. You don’t talk about justices in the court this way, but now again, through their media. Democrats elected in on elected surrogates from all walks of life, trash the justices threaten. The justices claim that the justices are just there to do the bidding of Donald Trump. When they don’t get the result they want, which is forget about the trial, forget about the appeal, forget about it all. Just throw Donald Trump into prison. And maybe he’ll get the Epstein treatment. Mr. is. Now when you face this and you see this. And you still have Republicans. Who ignore or pretend that these threats and dangers are swirling around the American people. Then as far as I’m concerned, they’re aiders and abettors. That’s what Nikki Haley is. That’s what Chris Sununu is. That’s what Larry Hogan is, and so forth and so on. Just as Joe Biden relies on Islamists. Just as Joe Biden relies on. Individuals. Who want to see the obliteration of Jews. The obliteration of Israel relies on individuals, Marxists who attack our history, who attack our founding, who put monuments down. To reject the Judeo-Christian belief system that created this country, the Declaration in the Constitution. Doesn’t mean the rest of us have the fall. When I see my buddy Hugh Hewitt go on there and slobber all over Mitch McConnell, it embarrasses me. And he’s not alone. When I see the candy asses at the Wall Street Journal editorial page do the same thing. It’s stunning to me. When I watch Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, who is a chameleon, a man who has never stood on principle for anything at any time, just like his daddy say what he does and do what he does. Makes me sick to my stomach. You would at least think the Republican Party that was founded as the abolitionist party. We’ll be united in their opposition. To the efforts by the Democrat Party. To abolish our republic. To abolish our constitutional system and replace it with an alien ideology that they’ve been pushing for 120 years. Progressivism is after all. The progeny of Marxism. So now they attack Christian nationalism. Nobody even knows what the hell they’re talking about. It’s made up. It’s a fiction. A white dominated society. Nobody knows what they’re talking about. It’s made up. It’s a fiction. They create these fictions, they create these pseudo events, they create these lies through which they put their agenda. Every damn piece of their agenda is intended of burning down this society, burning it down. They’re great heroes. Bernie Sanders. Their great hero is AOC. When I watch people like Michael Steele. Our Joe Scarborough, our Liz Cheney. Our King zinger was a disgruntled reprobates who left Trump soapbox. Got media jobs and accolades. These. These are the people. Who are aiding and abetting those who are destroying this country. There are backstabbers. I am deeply, gravely worried about this. We keep getting these pieces written at the National Review and Wall Street Journal and their ilk. How can Trump attract the Nikki Haley supporters? They’re running ads now in Virginia. Nikki Haley is watching them very carefully. You know what she says? Absolutely nothing substantive, nothing principled, no pushback. No pushback. Against this counterrevolution to the American Revolution. Nothing. How do we get her voters? We know where Donald Trump stands on the issues. We know where he stands. We know what kind of president he was for four years. It was a damn good president. We know he’s not going to destroy democracy. Democracy is being destroyed by Biden and his party right in front of our eyes. And actually the phrase is constitutional Republicanism, but we’ll play along at least for a while. Our military is on its back. People don’t want to join anymore. Our local police forces are on their back. The only police force that’s growing is the federal police force and its different iterations. The power of the police state. Not local police forces. And then they lied to us, which is what totalitarians do. Oh, crime is at record lows. Violent crimes are at record lows. We know why it’s not being reported. It’s not being prosecuted. So they play with the numbers. And so you’re supposed to be Helen Keller? I don’t see anything. I don’t hear anything. We see what’s happening to our stores. We see what’s happening to our subways. We see what’s happening in broad daylight on our streets. We see little kids being murdered at fast food restaurants. We see what’s going on. And they tell us crime is going down. They tell us inflation’s going down. When inflation core inflation even said in its report today is way up. What’s core inflation? It’s the inflation. They don’t count. What you put in your mouth and chew and digest, that’s not counted. What’s over your head? A roof. That’s not counted. The utility bills that come in, that’s not counted. But core inflation. The things you need to survive is through the roof. So they have to lie. They lied about the border. They told us for three friggin years the border was secure. It’s operationally under control. You heard it. How many times do I have to show it and play it? Now that the public says. In Democrat cities. No, it’s not. These people are taking over our streets, They’re committing crimes, they’re taking our resources, they’re in our schools, are in our parks. They’re in our they’re everywhere. They have nowhere to live. They’re defecating in the streets and when they can. They’re getting five star hotel treatment. And when they can. They’re getting food, credit cards, for God’s sakes. And they qualify for a whole bunch of welfare programs. This is a country that’s being destroyed from within by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden. And the worst culprit in it all. Are the media. Because the media. The media is populated by Democrat Party apparatchiks. I don’t mean they’re being sent into the media by the Democrat Party. They are Democrat Party apparatchiks. Story after story. Sunday after Sunday evening after evening, morning show after morning show. It trashing Trump. Or Christian nationalism that’s been going on for six months at CNN and MSNBC now. All, you know, Islamaphobia. You see, that’s the problem. As they trashed Christians, as they crashed trashed Jews in the media or anybody that stands up but says, wait a minute, what are you talking about? The ignoramuses in the media. They are stupid people. Jake TAPPER is an enormously stupid man. Wolf BLITZER is an enormously stupid old man. Andrea mitchell is a long in the tooth, incredibly stupid woman. And I could go on and on. They put individuals like Joy Reid on television. Like Rachel MADDOW and others. The filth, the via the poison, the cancerous attacks that come out of their mouths. Because there are no more standards in the media. There’s advocacy. That’s it. That’s it. The only Republicans they put on are Republicans who attack Donald Trump and attack those who support Donald Trump. So desperate are they that they try and create the impression Biden taking the lead then Kamala Harris. Hakeem Jeffries. Chuck Schumer. The whole bunch of them. There are tens of millions of hardworking, red blooded, taxpaying Americans, many of whom are veterans, police officers, firefighters, many of whom are electricians and truck drivers and plumbers, many of whom are construction workers, bricklayers, doctors, lawyers, whatever. That there are white supremacists, even when some of them aren’t white. And democracy is at stake. The party that’s trying to put the party opponent in prison, the party that’s furious that the Supreme Court took up a major constitutional issue and didn’t let Donald Trump go straight to the guillotine. The parties whose district attorneys. I tried to interfere in a federal election and are in fact the party whose judges. Whose judges are ruling that Donald Trump shall be removed from the ballot. So Republicans don’t have a candidate. Democrats in major cities who want illegal aliens to vote. Making it absolutely impossible to know who is supposed to vote and who isn’t. In federal elections. And we have these Republicans who aren’t sure if they’re going to endorse Trump and worse. And worse. I posted something and it says Biden already trying to steal the election. In addition to trying to prison, his political opponent, Joe Biden, is doing a number of things to steal the election. One record annual salary increases for the Farm Bureau federal bureaucracy. In other words, paying them off to 4 hours of paid leave for federal bureaucrats to vote. Three 4 hours of paid leave for federal bureaucrats to work the polls on Election Day. This is all your money for half a billion dollars in student loan forgiveness. With the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional to buy the votes of millennials. Five Federal Student Worker Program. Also, your money will now encourage students to register voters for extra credit. This is all aimed at their demographic groups. Six HealthCare.gov enrollees will also receive voter registration emails. They’re stealing the election right before our eyes. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You do wonder now, can I share your frustration? People come up to me all the time. Mark, what are we going to do? You see, the world is turned inside out. That’s the nature of propaganda. That’s the nature of pseudo events. That’s the purpose. Our society is teetering. In many respects, we now do live in a post constitutional republic. I’ve been talking about this at some length, but now we’re going from a post constitutional republic in a softer type of tyranny to a more aggressive type of tyranny. And I want to get into that when we come back. If we don’t understand the problem, we’re never going to be able to overcome it. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be right back.

Segment 3
Biden’s on the border. I think we all know that by now. And he came back the border goes to a town that barely has a problem thanks to the state of Texas. I’ll get to this in a moment. On another Potemkin event, Potemkin villages, What the Communists used to do. They would create these these phony sort of front villages, mostly for the media outside the communist world, and create the impression that things were going well. And so we call these Potemkin villages. I’ve been sort of re popularizing this phrase over the course of the last ten years. And that’s why I talk about a Potemkin courtroom when it comes to Donald Trump, a Potemkin law when it comes to Donald Trump. But I want to bet that getting to what am I trying to say here without getting too complicated about this, explain to you what’s going on. You see what Biden did on the border. You see what his press secretaries both say. You see what the media have been doing. They’re all in lockstep. There is no difference between CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the media other than a handful of us and FOX. What the Democrat Party policy positions are. We’ve talked about this over 20 years on this program, ten books. Deep discussions that we’ve had. What you’re seeing in front of your eyes right now. Unfortunately, what I perceived would be coming in is coming in. It’s here big time. I went through my books the other night. Starting with men in black. Liberty and tyranny and up to the Democrat Party hates America. There are common themes there. Over the course of the years that I’ve been writing these books and being on radio and TV now. Pseudo events. The media create events and then pass them along as news. They create self-serving events and pass them along as news. That’s why you had people like Michael Steele, Joe Scarborough. King zinger. Cheney, these grifter, disgruntled former employees under Trump. That’s why you have them constantly interviewed, constantly pushed out front by the Democrat Party state run media. Because they serve a purpose. They interview them. They trash Trump, and then it goes down the pecking order of the media. This happened the other day with Mitt Romney. I’ll never vote for Trump. So there was a big news story and wire services, newspapers, and yet all of that’s known. None of that’s snow. So that’s what we call a pseudo event. As I wrote in on Freedom of the Press. It’s not an event. It’s not news. It’s a concoction. Then we have propaganda. The propaganda is that crime, violent crime is actually way down. Inflation’s actually way down. Your lives couldn’t be better. Couldn’t be better. And if there’s a problem. It’s you. It’s Trump, it’s the Republicans and so forth and so on. Propaganda. The border is secure. They’ve told you the borders been secure for three years. It’s operationally secure. Now it’s not secure and it’s Trump’s fault and the fault of the Republicans for not agreeing to a bill that would have done absolutely nothing to secure it. A Potemkin bill. Propaganda. He repeated, repeated, repeated and repeated. It’s the big lie. Then you have censorship. We saw this in social media. But you see, in more than that, if Peter Schweitzer comes out with this killer book exposing communist China and how it’s bought and paid for politicians, think tanks, other institutions, he’s not invited on 98% of the press that’s out there, even some conservative platforms and hosts for their own personal. Pathetic reasons. Don’t put the guy on TV or radio. Despite the huge importance of the material they have and what it’s doing to the country. Censorship. Censorship. You can see all this and play with the Hunter Biden laptop. You can see all this and play with. Obviously, Joe Biden didn’t know anything that was going on, had no role in it. His brother’s getting rich. The sister in law’s getting rich, his son is getting rich. Tens of millions of dollars playing off his name. A health care company that went broke. You have front corporations. You have the Treasury Department red tagging over 150 transactions from Hunter Biden and others. There’s Biden in photos with hundreds partners playing golf, in meetings and so forth and so on. But obviously, Biden has no role and doesn’t know anything. This is propaganda. This is censorship. And it’s a lie. Stop the impeachment America’s. After all, it’s just a policy disagreement that the man has contributed as a Cabinet secretary sworn to uphold the Constitution subject to impeachment and removal. No, no, no. That’s all bogus. This is a policy issue. The Republicans are rabid. They’re just out to get the guy. The fact that he lies over and over to Congress, the fact that he lies over and over to the American people, to the media themselves. The fact that we have slavery in this country like we’ve never had since the end of the Civil War. Fentanyl, killing 100,000 Americans a year. Venezuela gangs now in the United States. People being murdered in the United States. No, no, no. You don’t understand. Violent crime is down. The border is secure. And if it’s not secure, it’s Trump’s fault. Well, that’s the definition of a totalitarian. Effort to control the agenda. Language manipulation. It’s constant. The federal government is imposing it on its employees, the State Department. Just the latest, the Defense Department. Language manipulation. You’re not allowed to acknowledge biology. There are no women. There are no when women are men, unless, of course, it’s the first woman to do X, Y, z, then we acknowledge her genitalia. Otherwise we don’t. So you want to destroy the distinction between men and women. Why? You want to destroy the nuclear family, That’s why. Marx would be proud. Language manipulation. Thought. Manipulation. Donald Trump is Hitler. The Supreme Court is loaded with Donald Trump’s Hitlerian supporters. Clarence Thomas is corrupt. Sam Alito is corrupt. Sotomayor is a hero. Yet she really is corrupt. But that for another day has been repeated in the past. Language manipulation, Thought, manipulation. It’s going on in our classrooms every day. To attack our founding to a fact to attack the great men. The great men who established this country. There are no good. They’re slavers, you see? Well, what about Joe Biden? He’s a slave. No, no, no. The border is secure. Trump is Hitler. But wait a minute. It’s Biden who has the racist past, the segregationist past. It was Biden who opposed the integration of public schools and said he didn’t want his kids going to a jungle. Biden, who exchanged love letters with Eastland and Stennis and Wallace. It’s Biden who is praised by all those men and praised then who was praised by Robert Byrd and praised him. No, no, no. You don’t understand. It’s Donald Trump and Charlottesville. Thought manipulation and then values manipulation. Not equality. We need equity. What’s equity? It’s the iron fist of the government destroying free will. Private property rights. Your soul. Your belief system value manipulation. Don’t listen to your faith about marriage. Don’t listen to your faith about anything. Your value should come from the government. Truth is what the government says it is. More particularly, truth is what the Democrat Party says it is. But the regime says it is. And repetition. And what the regime says is the truth. About everything and anything. Climate change. Climate change is. Marxism. Socialism. Control the air. Control the water. You control the person. And then they do one other thing. There are devils and there are angels. There’s Hitler, then there’s Mahatma Gandhi. So for the Democrat Party, their media, the regime, they’re the angels. They’re Mahatma Gandhi. The rest of you are Hitlerian. You’re Bob Costas. Something wrong with you? Your mind’s just a toxic cauldron of poison. You’re the devil. You’re Christian nationalists. You Jewish Zionists. You American patriots. You white, Christian, straight men. You’re the devil. The founders. Of this, the devil. The people wrote the Constitution intended to enshrine the white dominant power. I’m not making this up. It’s in every damn one of these leftist books that are being taught to your children. And the media promote them while censoring any contrary point of view. That’s what’s going on in the country today. So the man they want to put behind bars violate his due process. His attorney client privilege, violated all issues of immunity, destroyed executive privilege, destroyed using statutes that have never been used before. And going back to the Klan Act, the Enron Act, going into the Fraud Act, that doesn’t require fraud. The RICO statute by two by two reprobates in Georgia, on and on. And it doesn’t matter. He’s Hitler and must go to prison. Must go to prison, must clear the field for Joe Biden. They don’t care that Joe Biden has the mind of a kumquat. Does it matter? They want control of the government. More than Biden, they have their cabinet. They have their advisers who are not on the radar, who who work in the shadows. This government right now. This is the sad part. This government operates. On autopilot. And it only moves in one direction. And One Direction. The Republicans who don’t stand up to this are Benedict Arnold’s. Because they too wrapped themselves, you see, and self-righteous pats on the back. They’re going to save the country from you. You toxic cauldron of reprobates. They’re going to save the country from you. I’ve posted things on social media. I hope you’ll check. Joe Biden. His met a man and Bibi Netanyahu, who he cannot break. He can’t buy them off. He’s doing everything he can to destroy his character, to destroy support both in Israel and in the United States and the rest of the world. This year. He’s the commander in chief of the Israeli armed forces trying to defeat Hamas, protect themselves from Hezbollah. He can’t break them. He wants to break in. He wants to destroy him. Because Netanyahu, like Trump, who he wants to imprison, he believes is standing in the way of his re-election. And you see more and more stories. You see subhuman throwbacks like James Carville saying he can’t lose this election because of Netanyahu. Can’t lose this election because of Trump can’t have a fair count. So we need the federal government at taxpayer funds. They came up with one scheme after another to get people to vote for Joe Biden. We need to scare the hell out of the people. Keep referring to Hitler. Toxic cauldrons. Maga. The new Nazis. And yet the people who defended the Nazis were the media in the United States, including The New York Times. The people who. Supporter. The Nazis were colleges and universities and their professors, some of their students, just as they support the modern day Nazis, Hamas in Iran. And many of Biden’s voters, I’ll say, because nobody else will. Our neo-Nazis who support the elimination of the state of Israel. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
The Democrat Party seeks to change the American people from a freethinking, engaged, independent, curious and industrial people to people who are dispirited, silenced, subsidized, inattentive and compliant. They seek to change the citizenry as a whole, literally. Through open borders. And the migration of not just millions, but tens of millions of foreigners, all of whom come here illegally. Over the border. That’s what I’m talking about. Not those who go through the process and all of whom will thank the Democrat Party and Joe Biden in this pursuit. Language and thought control are essential. Should the Democrat Party succeed as it is, the will likely exist the patina of a free and vibrant people living under democratic conditions and voting and regular election cycles. But that’s what it is a patina. A Potemkin republic. It’ll be a grand deception, because in truth, the Democrat Party will oversee an omnipresent, despotic government that will rule in matters large and minor. Whether it’s your ceiling fans. Well, that’s the brainwashing of your children. Whether it’s destroying your neighborhoods and your communities. And the evidence of this is all around us. No need for speculation or predictions. That’s from the Democrat Party Hates America. Chapter four. It’s all right there. It’s exactly what’s taking place. While all the institutions are under attack, well, all the traditions and customs are under attack. While our faiths are under attack. Well, the voting system in many respects has become the plaything of the Democrat Party. And in any respect. If you challenge it, you will be punished either with a scarlet letter knock on the door, the loss of a law license in the case of Donald Trump. The threat of imprisonment. I’ll be right back.

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