December 6, 2022

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Rep Andy Biggs is not the answer for Speaker of the House.

Rep Andy Biggs was not selected to be Speaker of the House on Tuesday’s Mark Levin show. Although Rep Kevin McCarthy may not be the most conservative candidate for Speaker, unlike previous Republican Speakers, he reached out to the Freedom Caucus as well as Conservatives. These investigations and committees must be ready for action so that we can get the ground moving on day one. Mark Meckler calls to clarify that Biggs refused permission for a vote in Arizona to determine the Convention of States. Real conservatives support the Constitution and don’t want to take power from DC. A jury also found the Trump Organization guilty of 17 charges in a Manhattan tax fraud case. A jury of peers in NYC and DC is hostile towards any Trump person or entity. This is why you won’t be able to get a fair trial. Why should the Trump family pay these taxes, but all other taxes? Redistricting later led to redistricting not only in Florida but also in NY House. This meant that Republicans did poorly during the midterms. This means that the Republican establishment and legislatures failed to perform their duties; Trump is not responsible. After that, the Biden administration began to speak about antisemitism in their party.

Fox News

Andy Biggs will challenge Kevin McCarthy to be the House speaker


Jury finds Trump Org Guilty of All 17 Counts in Tax Fraud Case

Washington Post

Justice Dept. subpoenas Ariz. and Mich. officials for Trump communications

Washington Examiner

Jan. Jan.


Susan Collins and Mitt Romney Dismiss the Idea to Impeach DHS Chief Mayorkas


Zionist Organization of America Slams White House Antisemitism Summit – ‘Exploiting Jew Hatred for Partisan Gain’

Washington Free Beacon

“The Jewish Factor is It’s Money”: Biden Ambassador Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Tirade

Washington Free Beacon

Blinken Boosts Palestinian Claims to Jerusalem at J Street Conference


Outgoing House Majority Passes Omnibus Appropriations Act in Lame Duck Session

Based Politics

New survey shows Colleges suffer from serious ideological diversity problems.

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