INSTITUTION BOARD SWEEP! Every DeSantis-Endorsed School Board Candidate Benefits in Florida

“The support I received from Governor DeSantis was what got us over the top.”

Ron DeSantis endorsed school board candidates and it was a great week. The Sunshine State governor went undefeated with all his school board candidates winning with overwhelming success.

From Fox News

Cindy Spray, who won in Manatee County’s race, and Jackie Rosario who won in Indian River County won their races, were joined by Fox & Friends Thursday to discuss the DeSantis endorsement, its impact on constituents, and the ways it resonated.

“The support that I received from Governor DeSantis was what put us over-the edge,” Spray said to cohost AinsleyEarhardt. “His vision of how we must return to the basics in education aligned well with what I had viewed.” My grandchildren. If you have children in school, you want them to get the education they deserve from public schools.

She continued, “It was incredible and quite humbling getting that kind of endorsement from somebody… America’s governor.” It just put us over the top, and I just think…we’re going do the right thing, give parents the choice they want, and just continue running on his platform and working on his platform once we are sworn-in.”

See the video above.

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