Live TV: CBS Los Angeles meteorologist falls and collapses during broadcast

It was a harrowing moment of live television Saturday when a CBS Los Angeles (KCAL) meteorologist fainted and collapsed during a morning newscast.

A CBS Los Angeles (KCAL), meteorologist, fainted and fell during a Saturday morning newscast.

“KCAL News Meteorologist Alissa Clarkson was about to begin her forecast this morning, when she fell unconscious,” CBS Los Angeles reported in an update Saturday. “Our team reached out to comfort her and waited for medical assistance to arrive.

Video of Saturday morning’s newscast: Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina, co-anchors, throw to Carlson for an update about the weather.

“Who’s ready for some sunshine?” I know I am. Let’s begin with Alyssa Carlson, meteorologist. Medina says she joins us in the studio.

As Medina talks, viewers can see Carlson’s eyes rolling into her back as she collapses.

Kim lets out a worried “Oh” before Medina tells them they’re going on to break.

KCAL tweeted that Carlson was “now resting and recuperating” following the incident.

Carlson thanked people for all the messages, calls, and well wishes she received via her Facebook.

“I’m going to be okay!” She wrote.

Carlson and the news station did not reveal any details about Carlson’s fainting.

KCAL reported that the meteorologist would be back at work as soon as she feels well.

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