November 8, 2022

Let’s get clear on Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show who is interfering with elections. Democrat John Fetterman is suing for updated mail-in ballots to be accepted and counted despite a court ruling. Arizona’s chief elections officer is Katie Hobbs, a Democrat running to be governor. Red-blooded Americans need to go to the polls to vote in all parts of the country, as polls remain open. We will not tolerate cheap shots at candidates. Conservatives love Ron DeSantis because he rejected Fauci’s vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Later Anna Paulina Luna won the former Governor Crist’s congressional seat, while Marco Rubio and Governor DeSantis easily won reelection.


Mission to Save America


A shortage of paper prompts Luzerne County to extend voting hours to 10 pm

Photo by Jim Vondruska

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