Democrats at Risk, Not ‘Democracy’

“Make no mistake, democracy is on our ballots for all.” In his Union Station speech, President Joe Biden proclaimed that democracy was on the ballot for all. This was immediately supported by Barack Obama. If Trump Republicans win Tuesday’s election, Biden will need to declare, if he is still consistent, a defeat for democracy and a victory for his party, which he claims is steeped with “semifascism.”

For argument’s sake, let’s say that the GOP captured the House of Representatives, and a majority of U.S. Senate. If Biden has maintained his belief that “democracy’ was in danger, how would he describe the GOP victory? He would say that “democracy,” as it was called in America, had been rejected by the party of semi-fascists, and dealt a devastating blow, a “shellacking.” How will Biden work with the leaders of a party whose ascendancy James Clyburn (third-ranking Democrat) has just compared with the Nazis coming into power in Germany for the next two year? How can you collaborate with these people if you have already compared your rising Republican rivals across both the aisle with the ascendant Nazis of the 1930s? What can liberal Democrats do if the United States voters decide to throw out their Republican rivals in 2020 and replace them by people who our elites routinely associate with Nazism and fascists?


It is possible that we are about to find out.

If Trump Republicans are indeed what their Democratic leaders claim they are and the country votes them in, what does that say about the character and character of the American electorate?

Prediction: Democrats will work with victorious Republicans if they are defeated Tuesday. Why? They don’t believe in the Republicans they call, and they lack the courage or conviction to confront the real Nazis. This brings us to the essence of the election: the fall of a regime and the demise of the president, party, and philosophy that steered it. The government is responsible for many important functions in a republic like ours.

They include resisting foreign invasions and protecting the nation’s borders. Both the Congress and the presidency are controlled by the Democratic Party, which has utterly failed to fulfill all of its fundamental duties.



Biden has been in office for 22 months and witnessed millions of illegal aliens invade the U.S. border 1,900 miles south. Another million illegal aliens have entered the country, evading U.S. authorities. These are the “gotaways.” These are the “gotaways.” We don’t know their names, whereabouts, or whereabouts. All we can say is that they have broken our laws, broken into our national home, and now live among us. Over the furious protests of its citizens, more than 250,000 migrants arrive at the border each month. This irretrievably changes the character and composition our country. Thus, the president is failing in one of his most important duties — to protect our borders. Neither Vice President Kamala Harris nor Biden have shown even the slightest interest in protecting or visiting that border.

Concerning the protection of the U.S. dollar value that is used to pay the wages, salaries, and savings of our citizens, this value was eroded for a year due to a cancerous 8% inflation which began shortly after Biden implemented his policies.

The Biden years witnessed a rise in domestic violence and murders during the protection of the rights of citizens. Video and media reports of this new society of violence have made “crime” one of the main national concerns of a nation that we used to call “God’s Country”.

This is the essence of Tuesday’s election. “Democracy,” is not on the ballot. The ballot will include a large portion of the leadership and ruling classes of the National Democratic Party. This is not the same thing. The nation’s verdict on the president, the party that failed and the political philosophy that failed is what the ballots will decide this election season. America has not been ruled by democracy. America has been failed by the current Democratic majority. Their desperate leaders want us to reject our political system and to associate their defeat with repudiation.

These Republicans will win the election. Democratic leaders tell America that the American people prefer fascism over democracy. This is the Big Lie 2022.

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